Putting Out the Trash

Good morning!  It’s been a while since there’s been a new post here.  New day, new month, so much going on, blogging took a very brief back seat.  We’re back!  Is almost everyone in clearing mode right now?  We have been, meaning myself and my loved ones.  No uncomfortable cleaning/clearing this time, just deep, long awaited, joyous release of emotions, things, and thoughts that no longer fit.

There was minor retrying-on of a few items.  If they do still fit, why get rid of them?  But for the most part, everyone is on track and blissfully moving forward in our truly enjoyable present, without all the old encumbrances.  FREEDOM!

One of my daughters has a mandate in her own family, home, and life:  Donate, give or otherwise remove everything not currently in use.  Obviously this does not include financial records or holiday decorations, but everything else is fair game!  I’ve accused her of being fanatical about this.  She swears it keeps the energy of her life moving, flowing, and bringing in wondrous new stuff that’s way better than all the old put together.  And she hasn’t even studied feng shui!

Many folks cling to things, ideas, and habits out of fear.  Merely considering letting go of some parts of our lives can be scary, although they long ago became useless, even unhealthy.  If you’ve ever watched a show about hoarding, you already know this. Useless clutter interferes with functionality as well as beauty and peacefulness, as well as providing a haven for dirt and filth. Hoarding is undeniably unhealthy.

But what about just hanging onto such things as food choices that don’t keep us healthy, choosing criticism rather than bestowing a compliment, or continuing to smoke because, “I’m not ready to give it up!  I really enjoy smoking.”

Recently I read a remark that, compared to the Gulf oil spill, “My smoking doesn’t seem so bad!”  That floored me to utter silence. The person making that remark is an intelligent, lovely person who has stubbornly clung to her tobacco habit even though it has cost her clients, friends, and loved ones.  The habit was more important to her than anyone else’s comfort, and people left her life.  I was one of them.

She introduced me to other smokers, perhaps with the intent that I would “get used to it”.  I didn’t.  What happened in my life, in response to constant reminders that, “I have a right to light!” was that I assumed a silent stand that I have a right to breathe clean air, to fill my lungs with oxygen, and to enjoy the smells of my home and my surroundings!

Looking back, I have much to thank this woman for!  I did learn to quietly, firmly stand up for what is right for me, and to let go of behaviors, people, relationships, and things that do not belong in my harmonious, peaceful life.  She literally forced me into it, and I’m eternally grateful!

A couple of times, I wondered if she ever missed my presence in her life.  I doubt that she ever did.  In fact, I’m certain that she still prefers her cigarettes and other habits to the friendship of anyone who cannot hang with consumption of her second-hand and third-hand smoke.

The bottom line is, everyone gets to make their own choices here! Short of your doing something glaringly illegal, and often not even then, no one comes into your life and rips away the things you cling to.  Many of us fear the discomfort of change.  Those with actual addictions fear the physical pain and agony of withdrawing from what they are choosing to hang onto.

We who do periodic cleaning/clearing of ourselves, bodies, homes, and personal spaces, come to enjoy even the symptoms of clearing because these symptoms herald the freedom and clarity that follow!

My personal journey with Reiki has been one of pursuing functionality and seeking health.  I’ve learned to be comfortable with everyone’s choices, including my own when it becomes necessary to let go of all that hurts me.  Yes, at times this includes leaving behind people that I genuinely love.  The love never departs.  Fortunately, I love myself enough to set and honor the boundaries that make my own life enjoyable.

To me, this is what Reiki is all about.  As we live day-to-day according to The Reiki Principles, it becomes first nature to KNOW OUR SELVES, and to joyously live accordingly!  The Reiki Precepts teach us how to live; they are guidelines for living the best life.  When we have mastered that, there is time enough to treat others, to be politically active, and to seek whatever else we desire.

Here is a loose translation of The Reiki Precepts into the English language:

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today I will not worry.
Just for today I will not anger.
Just for today I will do my work honestly.
Just for today I will love and respect every living thing.

May we all be blessed with the most abundant life ever!  Until next post, Namaste!


One Reiki Family

Under the sky, under the heaven, there is but one family.

Bruce Lee

When introduced to Reiki way back when, I thought everybody practiced Reiki the same way.  It wasn’t until a bit later that we were told about The Reiki Alliance.  Looking back, we in the Light Therapy tradition were given very little information about other traditions and ways of practicing Reiki.  Bits and pieces floated to my awareness occasionally.  These were filed away for future reference, just in case.  But for the most part, I stuck with what I’d been taught and had little idea what had been handed down to practitioners of Reiki traditions other than my own.

Some years later, I met a woman whose lineage did not include Takata.  Our discussions provided me additional information regarding Reiki and its origins, and about how Reiki has evolved since its inception.  My practice of Reiki remained the same.  While I had opened to the fact that Reiki practices are somewhat like DNA and fingerprints, it didn’t occur to me that anyone was “wrong” or egotistical or “not real Reiki”.

When I recently began following a Reiki group on LinkedIn, I experienced mild surprise with one discussion in particular.  The question presented has to do with how many attunements are correctly given in the Usui system.  My thought, of course, was that I didn’t comprehend why this would ever be an issue.  What was the problem?

However, the discussion became quite lively, and I noticed what I perceived as likely being bias and/or competition involving the various traditions represented by those in the group.  At first this bothered me.  Then, light bulb!!!!!

Since I was the one perceiving issues within the group, I must be the one with the issues!  It was my job to work on that.  So, as always, I proceeded to do exactly that.

My greatest joy would be to know that we are all one Reiki family and that we function and support one another as equals although our individual practices do vary.  In some traditions, hand positions are standardized and symbol reception/use is treated with distrust or suspicion.  In other traditions, symbol reception is commonplace, being the norm rather than the rarity, and there is fluidity/flow during treatment and attunement, with much reliance upon intuitive data and the assistance of guides.  Yet, we are all undeniably attuned in the Usui system.

There was a time of bickering and oneupmanship in the world wide Reiki community, early on.  We are not children anymore, and the world we all inhabit is in dire need of the most positive influences all of us can provide.  We have a responsibility, collectively as well as individually, as one Reiki family as well as proud members of the traditions we came up in.  We should be proud of our Reiki roots.  At the same time, we have an obligation to educate the medical community and the public about the benefits of Reiki.  Undeniably, this includes the necessity of providing all appropriate education to Reiki practitioners and teachers.

I AM profoundly grateful to better understand why there was once an effort to standardize Reiki.  However, in my own observations, the highest standards invariably arise within the individual practitioner rather than being arbitrarily set by a person or group assuming ownership/control of Reiki.  While it pains me immeasurably to witness the countless offers of free attunements, cheap attunements, and self-attunements being advertised to unsuspecting consumers who desire to learn about Reiki but are reluctant to pay the prices normally charged by reputable teaching masters, what bothers me most is the disillusion that results when students choose less-than-the-best for themselves.  Often these students become disillusioned with Reiki itself, rather than with the teacher of their own choosing.

As practitioners and teaching masters, how do we repair and reverse this?  Obviously, we can set our own standards at a very high level, we can honor the Reiki that flows through us, and we can be in every way one Reiki family.  We can begin consciously seeking out our similarities as well as celebrating the entire spectrum of Reiki traditions and forms.  We can honor and respect one another as professional equals.  We can fearlessly, lovingly share the truth and essence of who we are as Reiki practitioners.



Until next post, Namaste!

Distance Share

Truth is outside all patterns.

Obey the principles, but do not be bound by them.

The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.

Three Quotes by Bruce Lee

With young children, it’s important to honor the brief attention span.  With autistics, one impression I get is that the attention span is kaleidoscopic.  Be aware of receptiveness and energy levels. There are times when you just reschedule.  Small ones, especially those with ASD, do not always rest on schedule.  When tired, they require rest, not lengthy instruction.  Plan instruction in appropriate bits and snippets.  Or forget planning.  Be spontaneous.  Go with the child’s flow.  Entrain to the child’s vibration and raise gradually as appropriate.

Early yesterday morning, I enjoy a brief, unexpected visit with B and his mom.  She has been rarely accepting of Reiki from me in the past.  She doesn’t oppose it, she just has some difficulty accepting or believing it.  Not surprisingly, she readily allows me to work with B.  She knows I’m completely harmless. 🙂

At the outset, my thought is to do sessions with him, in-person and distance sessions.  This quickly shifts as it becomes evident that he would benefit optimally from a different process.  I am a bit reluctant, making no changes for a while, using Reiki with him briefly and only occasionally, observing for improvement, progress, etc.

There is a day when he is so relaxed during a session, he falls asleep.  These hands move of their own volition.  B is attuned to Level I.  His necessary process has begun.

Within days, B begins speaking spontaneously, in full sentences and paragraphs, delighted with his newfound ability to participate in interactive conversation for the first time in his life.  Everyone who knows him and works with him assumes this has happened spontaneously, for no reason.  I see no reason to enlighten them further.

When B was newborn, he came home to a stressed-out, sickly, single mom and one grandparent.  That was his family unit.  Due to unavoidable changes, moves and stressors, as his family situation became unstable, B began to lose ground, especially with efforts to verbalize and potty train.  Frustrated when his attempts to communicate with others were not understood, he retreated into silence.

B appears intolerant of lactose and gluten, as well as sensitive to tobacco smoke.  Observing his progression from simple head-butting to full blown, running start, self-catapulting into walls, 30 – 50 times and more, as hard as he can go, I agree to work with him.

Cautious to a fault, I watch him.  Assessment must be accurate. Each person is unique.  Each process must be unique as well, and appropriate to that person’s physical form.  Like a fingerprint, like a snowflake, he is one-of-a-kind.  No standardization here.  There is  a path perfect for B.  I intend to help him walk it.

Perfect urinary and fecal continence quickly follow verbalization. In three hours, B is completely potty trained! After numerous embarrassments throughout his life, now he swaggers with complete confidence.  Mom welcomes increasing periods of relaxation, something she has not experienced since the beginning of her pregnancy with B.

B begins to dress himself, everything in its proper order and place, shoes on the correct feet.  He begins to get simple foods for himself, cereal with milk, bananas and Hershey bars, etc., without help.  All this is immensely gratifying for everyone involved.

Mom goes for a regular physical.  Her doctor tells her that her blood pressure, cholesterol levels, kidney and liver functions are off the charts; she begs out of admission to the hospital.  There is no one to watch B.  He cannot be left alone.  Mom feels stressed now with the necessity of bringing all those numbers back to normal.  I offer Reiki.  She declines.

Yesterday, I go with her and B for her labs.  We have no teddy bear with us.  It’s hands, then.  A position that is natural for him.  I hold my hands in prayer position, hands apart.  “B, put your hands together.  What do you feel?”  He feels something; recognition registers on his face.

“Do you feel that?”


“That’s energy.  Pull Mommy into your hands.”

Eyes light.  Comprehension in the facial expression.  He has her.

“Pull out Mommy’s owhees and throw them away.”  I demonstrate the hand motion.

His version is simpler, more concise.  Three hand motions.  His distance is done in a flash.  He knows the instant it’s complete and releases. The look on his face is priceless.  He knows exactly what just happened and pops his sucker back into his mouth as he gazes at leaves blowing gently on a nearby tree, letting it all sink in.

I release as well.  I tell him that he can work on anyone, anything & everything this very same way.  Including himself and his bird and squirrel friends.  He turns to make eye contact with me, grabs my hand and brings it to his cheek. Mission accomplished.  Session complete.

Mom enjoys a restful, pleasant day, free of stress and physical discomfort.

B is five years old, diagnosed with autism at three.  He is larger than many eight year olds.  Sometimes he wears a T-shirt that says, “I am a person with autism.  Please be patient with me.”  B is the patient one.

Due to confidentiality and respect for all clients, very little personal information is included here.  I’m uncertain whether this will even be posted; it won’t happen without Mom’s permission.  Anyway, it’s written documentation of the tiniest fraction of the work that’s possible with disabled children.

Please understand.  If any of this blog’s readers are inclined in any way whatsoever to work with disabled children, much of this work is not recompensed monetarily.  Many parents of disabled children are single, not by choice, but because the other parent chooses out, refusing to be involved.  Funds for daily living are often sparse, and that’s putting it tactfully.  For anyone choosing this incredibly gratifying type of practice, prepare to give freely.  The rewards are beyond anything I ever imagined.


Permission granted!  Yeehah!

B’s mom just gave me permission to use his full name.

I’ll stick with the policy of changing names to protect the innocent.

Blessings and love to you!

Until next post, Namaste.

Subtle Energies Produce Subtle Experiences

I AM THAT (which) I AM

Reiki is a subtle energy that produces results which are also subtle, except when the results are anything but subtle.

Being the energy that it is, Reiki is all about subtle experiences. Everyone in my classes has had remarkable subtle experiences. Some enjoyed them, some gloried in them, all had opportunities to learn from them.  Some went into deep fear.  More than once someone commented about being completely discombobulated. A few left the classes believing Reiki was an evil influence.

Two very special ladies come to mind:  The first went home to rest after an attunement. As she lay down, she asked aloud for someone to work on her in regard to some health issues she’d been experiencing.  She awoke a bit later, eyes still shut, feeling loving hands on her body.  She recognized that she was receiving a Reiki treatment.  Momentarily, she remembered having locked her doors before going to bed.  She began to wonder how someone had gotten into her bedroom.  Fear crept into her thoughts, so she tried to inconspicuously open her eyes.  And she saw absolutely nothing except dents in the blanket covering her, where the healing hands were undeniably still present.  She was beyond frightened and demanded that the treatment stop.  It ceased immediately.

The second lady, a devout & active Mormon 🙂 began seeing three turbaned, dark-skinned men frequently in her presence.  She knew they were Reiki masters.  It frightened her anyway, for a while.  Eventually she did open to the truth that clothing and complexion have very little to do with healing ability or spiritual advancement.

BTW, both these women completed all levels of Reiki.

The point here is that Reiki can open us beyond our formerly limited perceptions, when we are willing to allow ourselves to learn, grow, and accept that All-That-Is holds not only what is already familiar to our physical senses in this lifetime, but there is much, much more also available to us.  And it’s always our choice whether or not we accept and allow.  Opening is never forced upon us.  We are never forced beyond our own boundaries and capacities.

Some students feel perfectly safe with subtle experiences.  Some don’t.  And Reiki works for everyone.  No one ever has to go out of their comfort zone.  Yet, everyone can choose to do so.

Perhaps all these students were right.  Each person receiving attunement/empowerment/initiation brings to the table, in this case the Reiki community, the sum total of her/his being.  Reiki works through and with every aspect and facet of our consciousness.  This includes all our behaviors, beliefs, emotions, feelings, habits, ideas, programming, religious training, and socialization, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  We are more than all that, and we are connected to every part of our SELVES. If it is true that we have existed and lived other lifetimes, we bring all that with us.  If we have ever been brainwashed or made commitments, contracts, or covenants during our entire existence, all that comes with us.

Baggage or luggage???  It’s (y)our choice!  Individual perceptions and perspectives come with us as well.  What matters most is whether or not we label ourselves, or accept someone else’s labeling of us, and this has to do with self-love even to the point where we no longer judge ourselves.  Then, and only then, can we integrate all we are into one functional, useful whole.  Just as every cloud has a silver lining, every human quality can be applied to the beneficial service of our fellow-man. However, so long as we judge ourselves, even by accepting others’ judgments of us, we continue to see evil, undesirable influences at every turn.

So…it likely matters little to your effective practice of Reiki if your choice is to stay within bounds that feel safe to you. Once attuned, the energy flows through you to whatever and whomever you choose.

Subtle sense perceptions are equally as valid as physical sense perceptions are.  For some reason, I’ve always accepted that Reiki practitioners are generally balanced and open in applications of every appropriate perception of what is at hand.  The reality is, when we practice Reiki, we are using a subtle energy to produce document-able physical results. And often more.  Whether or not we choose to document may not matter much either.  Perhaps in the long-term, what matters most is the level of service we give.

For me, at a very deep inner level, KNOWING MY TRUTH is infinitely important and desirable.  I’m willing to practice, read, and study for many lifetimes if need be.  And I AM WILLING TO GIVE MY OWN DIVINE INNER SELF THE FINAL WORD, especially when doing so frees me to better serve.

At the very beginning of my own Reiki training, I made a commitment to hold nothing back that was mine to give, to use Reiki without hesitation, qualification, or reservation, for the good of every living being whose path I cross, including the Earth and every situation in need of the healing power of PURE LOVE.  I made this commitment of my own free will and choice, and then I solemnly promised to use the gift of Reiki freely for the benefit of All-That-Is.

My commitment is to the Divine Source that poured its knowledge of Pure Reiki into me.  I AM humbly, profoundly grateful for every subtle experience that has become an eternal piece of my Inner Knowing.

I AM absolutely certain that those seeking physical documentation of subtle experiences are on the perfect path for them, and I wholeheartedly encourage them to continue along that path, throughout eternity, if need be.  Those requiring proof of facts by external experts are also on the perfect path for them, and would most likely experience their best growth by documenting facts for as long as desired.  Likewise, those who insist upon payment for every service rendered, perhaps even subscribing to standardized charges and forms, are on the perfect path for them.  If you have chosen such a Reiki practice, trust that your own carefully chosen path is absolutely correct for you!

I have only the responsibility to offer, share and speak My Truth. I AM not always guided to do so, however, and once done, my obligation is fulfilled.  Everyone hearing me has the total responsibility to choose whether or not what I have learned, offer, share and speak is part of their personal truth.

There is nothing else quite so gratifying as is finding, keeping, and treasuring whatever is our own perfect fit!  My way may not be the way for everyone else, yet I have an obligation and responsibility to be my TRUE  SELF to the bone, all the way, holding nothing back, and to share all of me with everyone else in my personal perceptual field and range, through this magnificent gift of Reiki.

For each of us, there comes a time when we grasp control of our own lives and our power, and when we accept total responsibility for the standards of our own Reiki practice, regardless of who set those standards; we are still responsible even when we allow someone else to set our standards instead of doing it ourselves.  In my belief system, we are never individually responsible to convince anyone else to accept or believe that our own path is “right” or that “I have the only truth, my way is the only way, and everything else is wrong.”

We are each responsible to follow our own path, and when we don’t discover a path that truly fits us, we are then responsible to carve our true path out of the wilderness.


Love & Blessings from me to you!

Until next post, Namaste!

Accessing the Divine Sacred

I’ve recently followed a lively Reiki discussion which has been inspiring, to say the least.  It always amazes me to witness the choices made by many individuals who are all given the identical raw material to work with.

This discussion brought to mind the remembrance of my maternal grandmother pulling a chair up to her kitchen stove, placing its back against the oven for safety, showing me the cabinets, fridge, pots, and utensils, and saying firmly, “You cook.”  She left the kitchen.  I was three years old.

That was my instruction about how to cook.  Given the raw materials and my own abilities, I figured it out!  Ask anybody who knows me.  I love to cook and people love the food my hands prepare.

Grandmother taught me not only how to cook.  She taught me how to live and how to learn.

It has been so with Reiki.  Once initiated, we each have the identical raw material to work with.  Individual choices are amazing.

I think of all the gifts I’ve known, gifts I’ve given, gifts I’ve received, and gifts I’ve observed in the world around me. Some people don’t appear to recognize gifts; theirs are never opened. Some open their gifts, then never use them.  Those who use them are free to do with their gifts whatever they choose.  Rarely, there are children who treasure their gifts, love them throughout their lives, and eventually master them, perhaps discovering innovative uses, functions, designs, and applications for their particular gifts.

In my life, Reiki is a gift, an incredible raw material to learn about, to observe the workings of, to play with, and hopefully to master. What can be accomplished with this energy?  Thus far, ULFE appears boundless, endless, and limitless, conforming to our individual abilities and intelligence, being limited only by our ingenuity in using it.  We are vessels for this energy, conduits, transformers and transmitters, as well as transducers.  It fills us completely to the extent of our own capacities.

Many see Reiki as a healing modality.  It is.  It is also more than that.  Reiki is amazing, awesome, the essence of freedom, inspirational, miraculous, reverential and spiritual.  Reiki has brought into my life bliss, clarity, freedom, growth, joy, laughter, love, openness, profound peace, sweetness, and wisdom divine. Reiki has brought me the gift of the possibility of optimal development and growth at a deep personal level.  And these words are only a tiny, insufficient expression of what Reiki means to me.

Reiki is a spiritual path.  Because of Reiki, I now have some concept of personal perfection.  Will I ever be perfect?  🙂 Well, there is a guiding part of me that already is perfect.  Clue:  It isn’t my ego or my reasoning mind. What I’m referring to is the divine inner part of me that I’m getting to know.  My intention is to step back and allow this Divine Self to live through this fleshly body, to act and speak through this form.

It matters very little whether we call this the High Self, the I AM Presence, Inner Guidance, God, or the Super-Conscious.  All that matters is that we mindfully connect with this ever-available aspect of consciousness and master the art of allowing it to function in our own lives.

Reiki heals us first!  Attuned to Reiki, we have available to us an intense, thorough healing process of our own to experience. Participating in the healing of others may or may not be part of our process.  This is incidental, individual, and matters little when we see the big picture.

Reiki is an opportunity to become all we can be!  Remember that image of the armed services ad?  BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

Dare I be so bold as to respectfully suggest that it matters not at all whether you receive Usui attunements in three levels or four? What actually matters is that you receive the gift of Reiki. Cherish, honor and treasure your gift.

If you question whether or not you’ve actually received Usui attunement, please check with someone who is qualified to tell you if your symbols are the four currently in use today, which were originally received by Usui.  Show them how you do an attunement.  Check and double check if you’re uncertain about your attunement and training.  If you didn’t already receive what you want, rectify it.  Any practicing, qualified master will most likely be delighted to assist, and you’re likely to have a good laugh about why this issue is in your life!  Then settle down and get with your process.

Reiki is our access to the sacred and the divine within our SELVES! There is no greater gift.  It matters not at all whether or not we receive attunement in three levels or four, only that what we receive is genuine, and that we make the most of it.

It matters what we do with the gift.


The next post will most likely be about what happened to Usui’s other symbols.

Until then, Namaste.

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