Happiness & Quiet Enjoyment

Two days ago I learned that, due to budget cuts, mental patients throughout the state of North Carolina are now being released from hospitals although no place(s) have been prepared for them to go.

Busy as usual, at first this did not receive much of my attention. However, it quickly became apparent that some work to “heal” this situation would be required of me.

That same night, during a Bible study for women and children, one woman announced quite loudly that she had been without her medications for ten days now. As if on cue, a second woman began to goad the first, who rapidly grew angrier, spoke increasingly more loudly, then began throwing things, cursing, and threatening the second as well as several other women in the room with death and an ass-whooping, including the teachers. The escalation was very rapid. The women in attendance did not immediately respond appropriately. Then came the burst of feverish activity.

Amid 911 calls, prayers for help, peace, and calm, and a bit of Reiki (It never hurts!), an unexpected situation that might have been disastrous was effectively defused.

That night, I didn’t sleep as soundly as I normally do. My peaceful feathers felt the teensiest bit ruffled.

So…the next morning, I sought out one of my favorite peaceful places for the customary daily hour-long devotional. Watching the glorious sunrise, the gold, pink, mauve, and purple hues briefly blessed my vision and the incredible blue of sky, as gratitude poured from me to the powers that be. Every sunrise, unique in all creation, is perfect.

A sound to my right caused me to look at immediate surroundings. A man approached, shuffling rapidly toward me. The thought that came was, “He’s going to ask me for a cigarette.” Not the least unusual. Sorry, fella, I can’t help with that.

As he neared, the scruffy hair and beard became evident. He hadn’t washed. The man shoved his front against me. I could smell every hair! Before I could ask what he wanted, he began yelling. “You have to get right with God! You’re a backslider!”

“Sir, I believe I’m okay with God.”

“You have blue eyes! You’re a German!”

“God bless you!”

He began shuffling away, throwing curses and accusations of backsliding as he went.

Grabbing my things, I walked into a McDonald’s a short distance away. Choosing the most remote table, I grabbed a biscuit, definitely not my usual breakfast fare, and spread out my notebook, pens, and morning reading. Settling down, very glad to be alone and focused again, I noted the sound of an electric shopping cart.

“There you are! I found you!” He drove the cart almost up to the table where I sat.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“You f****n Nazi war criminal! I know who you are! The d**n German prisoners stayed here after the war, didn’t have the money to go home. They bred up here in the mountains. That’s who you are!”

Without a word, speechless, in fact, I slowly rose and walked to the front counter. The store manager was there. Thankfully, he was a large, very fit man.

The other man, God bless him, quickly walked up behind me. “You’re a snitch! You’re up here snitching on me, ain’t cha!”

Using my quietest voice, locking eyes with the man, I say, “I won’t listen to anymore of this.”

Security arrived. The man screamed repeatedly, “I’m a cop and she’s my snitch!”

Determined, I went back to my table, finished breakfast, organized my work of the day. Walking quietly for almost an hour, then sitting to contemplate, I really, honestly considered changing my original plan and doing something else for the day.

As I sat, though, it became obvious that the day was still mine and I was free to choose whatever I desired. I did a Reiki treatment for safety and proceeded to my peaceful place.

No matter what time of day or how hot the weather, this place always, always has a cool breeze and total shade. It’s lovely. Yesterday, as I entered the gate, a large black king snake, the yellow-bellied kind, greeted me. King snakes keep their territories free of toxic/poisonous snakes and other pests/vermin. He lay there, gazing up at me as if to say, “This is a safe, clean area for every being here. Enjoy it in peace and love.”

So I did. Stretching out on a wooden bench, I wrote, read, munched grapes & cheese, and finally slept. It was glorious, and profoundly peaceful.

I haven’t blogged in ages. It’s time.

I’m asking, please, everyone who will, please do a bit of remote work for those who are misplaced, homeless, without meds, hungry, confused, etc., etc., etc. Please work to smooth their way, provide what is needed, and bless them with what is truly best for them. 

There are some who seek to rob us/you/me of our rights.  Under the guise of asserting their own rights, they intend and seek to strip us of ours.

As is true of beauty, race, ethnicity, culture, and social status, are often in the eye of the beholder. Some humans have laid claim to truly impaired perceptual abilities.

Reiki is one of the greatest gifts in my entire existence. I cannot overstate this. It is my truth. One of the outgrowths of my journey with Reiki is that I truly, genuinely desire that everyone does have what is best for her/him at every level, on every step of their own personal path.

If you have time or inclination, ask yourself the following questions:

Four Questions for Growth

1. What is the most magnificent gift I can give to life in the next three years?

2. How can I become optimally more powerful in a way that’s safe and wise?

3. How can I nurture my relationships so that they thrive even as my life continues changing?

4. What can I do that guarantees me all the love I desire/need?

Healing the Earth, one treatment at a time.
Raising awareness of autism, violence against women & children, and homelessness.
Until next post, Namaste!


Distance Share

Truth is outside all patterns.

Obey the principles, but do not be bound by them.

The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.

Three Quotes by Bruce Lee

With young children, it’s important to honor the brief attention span.  With autistics, one impression I get is that the attention span is kaleidoscopic.  Be aware of receptiveness and energy levels. There are times when you just reschedule.  Small ones, especially those with ASD, do not always rest on schedule.  When tired, they require rest, not lengthy instruction.  Plan instruction in appropriate bits and snippets.  Or forget planning.  Be spontaneous.  Go with the child’s flow.  Entrain to the child’s vibration and raise gradually as appropriate.

Early yesterday morning, I enjoy a brief, unexpected visit with B and his mom.  She has been rarely accepting of Reiki from me in the past.  She doesn’t oppose it, she just has some difficulty accepting or believing it.  Not surprisingly, she readily allows me to work with B.  She knows I’m completely harmless. 🙂

At the outset, my thought is to do sessions with him, in-person and distance sessions.  This quickly shifts as it becomes evident that he would benefit optimally from a different process.  I am a bit reluctant, making no changes for a while, using Reiki with him briefly and only occasionally, observing for improvement, progress, etc.

There is a day when he is so relaxed during a session, he falls asleep.  These hands move of their own volition.  B is attuned to Level I.  His necessary process has begun.

Within days, B begins speaking spontaneously, in full sentences and paragraphs, delighted with his newfound ability to participate in interactive conversation for the first time in his life.  Everyone who knows him and works with him assumes this has happened spontaneously, for no reason.  I see no reason to enlighten them further.

When B was newborn, he came home to a stressed-out, sickly, single mom and one grandparent.  That was his family unit.  Due to unavoidable changes, moves and stressors, as his family situation became unstable, B began to lose ground, especially with efforts to verbalize and potty train.  Frustrated when his attempts to communicate with others were not understood, he retreated into silence.

B appears intolerant of lactose and gluten, as well as sensitive to tobacco smoke.  Observing his progression from simple head-butting to full blown, running start, self-catapulting into walls, 30 – 50 times and more, as hard as he can go, I agree to work with him.

Cautious to a fault, I watch him.  Assessment must be accurate. Each person is unique.  Each process must be unique as well, and appropriate to that person’s physical form.  Like a fingerprint, like a snowflake, he is one-of-a-kind.  No standardization here.  There is  a path perfect for B.  I intend to help him walk it.

Perfect urinary and fecal continence quickly follow verbalization. In three hours, B is completely potty trained! After numerous embarrassments throughout his life, now he swaggers with complete confidence.  Mom welcomes increasing periods of relaxation, something she has not experienced since the beginning of her pregnancy with B.

B begins to dress himself, everything in its proper order and place, shoes on the correct feet.  He begins to get simple foods for himself, cereal with milk, bananas and Hershey bars, etc., without help.  All this is immensely gratifying for everyone involved.

Mom goes for a regular physical.  Her doctor tells her that her blood pressure, cholesterol levels, kidney and liver functions are off the charts; she begs out of admission to the hospital.  There is no one to watch B.  He cannot be left alone.  Mom feels stressed now with the necessity of bringing all those numbers back to normal.  I offer Reiki.  She declines.

Yesterday, I go with her and B for her labs.  We have no teddy bear with us.  It’s hands, then.  A position that is natural for him.  I hold my hands in prayer position, hands apart.  “B, put your hands together.  What do you feel?”  He feels something; recognition registers on his face.

“Do you feel that?”


“That’s energy.  Pull Mommy into your hands.”

Eyes light.  Comprehension in the facial expression.  He has her.

“Pull out Mommy’s owhees and throw them away.”  I demonstrate the hand motion.

His version is simpler, more concise.  Three hand motions.  His distance is done in a flash.  He knows the instant it’s complete and releases. The look on his face is priceless.  He knows exactly what just happened and pops his sucker back into his mouth as he gazes at leaves blowing gently on a nearby tree, letting it all sink in.

I release as well.  I tell him that he can work on anyone, anything & everything this very same way.  Including himself and his bird and squirrel friends.  He turns to make eye contact with me, grabs my hand and brings it to his cheek. Mission accomplished.  Session complete.

Mom enjoys a restful, pleasant day, free of stress and physical discomfort.

B is five years old, diagnosed with autism at three.  He is larger than many eight year olds.  Sometimes he wears a T-shirt that says, “I am a person with autism.  Please be patient with me.”  B is the patient one.

Due to confidentiality and respect for all clients, very little personal information is included here.  I’m uncertain whether this will even be posted; it won’t happen without Mom’s permission.  Anyway, it’s written documentation of the tiniest fraction of the work that’s possible with disabled children.

Please understand.  If any of this blog’s readers are inclined in any way whatsoever to work with disabled children, much of this work is not recompensed monetarily.  Many parents of disabled children are single, not by choice, but because the other parent chooses out, refusing to be involved.  Funds for daily living are often sparse, and that’s putting it tactfully.  For anyone choosing this incredibly gratifying type of practice, prepare to give freely.  The rewards are beyond anything I ever imagined.


Permission granted!  Yeehah!

B’s mom just gave me permission to use his full name.

I’ll stick with the policy of changing names to protect the innocent.

Blessings and love to you!

Until next post, Namaste.

Loving Relationships

Many people who seek love look outward rather than inward. Yet, falling in love with your SELF can be a more wonderful experience than “falling in love” with someone else. Though the idea of falling in love with ourselves may be perceived by the unenlightened to be conceited or selfish, choosing to fall in love with the Divine Being you are is a powerful act of SELF love.

Observe those around you. Observe you. Are you looking outside your SELF for the LOVE you desire?

The scriptures tell us…”if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.”

If Light, then, imparts comprehension, what comes to us as the Gift of Divine Love?  What happens when our whole bodies are filled with LOVE?

As discussed earlier and emphasized repeatedly in our classes, emotions and feelings are responsible for the release of hormones and other chemical substances in our physical bodies.

Our words, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions are very powerful, and powerfully affect our own bodies.  Our cells, tissues, and organs are literally bathed in the biochemicals resulting from our own input.  Anger, envy, hatred, and jealousy, for example, release toxins which result in pain, dis-ease, and/or death.  Love, joy, peace, and purity release life-enhancing, life-giving, feel-good substances into our physical systems.

These chemicals wash first throughout the entirety of our physical forms, then through our own energy fields, pouring from us into our environments, affecting everyone and everything within our entire PPR (personal perceptual range).

This is an inescapable Universal Law: Whatever happens with us emotionally affects us first and foremost, and it does affect the family/group/mass consciousness grid as well.

I have so many people ask if this can be avoided or neutralized somehow.  After all, they say, “everyone” gets angry.  🙂  I recall being told and taught that “everyone” gets sick, until one day an enlightened woman explained to me that she and her entire group of acquaintances did not experience illness.

My first thought was that she was joking, then I realized she was entirely serious, and very happy!  As I questioned her about her experience, she further explained that illness, in fact everything except perfection, is caused by some mistake in our thinking.  We believe in sickness, so we experience it.

That was forty years ago, and it’s been many years since I’ve experienced illness.  I chose to believe her, and I daily choose to believe that we are all intended to experience divine perfection.

It’s just one more logical step to embrace Divine Love so fully that anger, discord, hatred, even irritability, simply evaporate from my consciousness.  It’s actually effortless to let them all go.  Besides, it doesn’t make sense to waste time or energy with emotions that benefit no one.

Exactly as perfect health is our natural state, divine love, joy, peace, harmony, and bliss are natural to us.  These are our birthright, our heritage, and the legacy we can bring to Earth and all her inhabitants.

My best friend always says, “Love makes it go!”  She’s talking about manifestations and miracles when she says this.  Love is the energy that brings about manifestations and miracles, as well as abundance and perfect health.  We all have it within us, this Divine Love.  Now, more than ever before, it’s time to bring it out, to pour it out upon the world we live in, to bless All Life everywhere with Love.

Whatever you do, do it with Love.  Most of all, let LOVE guide your life.  Until next blog, namaste!

Man’s Divine Nature

“When man goes in partnership with God, great things may, and do, happen.”

The Urantia Book

This video brought with it a free flow of tears and joy as I watched. I hope you find it as uplifting and beautiful as I do!  It’s pretty much the entirety of this post.  I’ve added a couple of thoughts below about the true nature of humankind.  (There’s music if you like!)

Every man, being born of God, brings into this Earth life that Spirit which created him and gives him Life.  This same Spirit beats his heart and causes him to breathe.  So man, from his very beginning, is Divine as his Source and Creator is Divine.  The very Nature of Man cannot be other than Divine, unless and until the being of man is consciously, deliberately qualified (taught) to express other than his own Divine Nature.

Now, the argument may be made that all things in existence cannot be other than Divine, for all things do in fact take form from the very substance and energy of God.  However, along with his Divine Nature, man is also endowed with free agency, free will, and the ability to make his own choices.  Man is given Perfect Freedom to choose as he himself deems fit and desirable.  With his Absolute Freedom, the individual man chooses his own path and follows it to exaltation and ascension, or to discord, destruction, and death. Every choice along the way is his own, even to allowing others to make his choices for him; those in the energy work community call this “giving away one’s power”.

Choose wisely and well!  Until next blog.  Namaste!

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Cleansing the Earth: The Air We Breathe

Yesterday one of my dearest friends remarked to me, “You need to work on the weather!”  She wasn’t joking.  She was very tired of the cold and wanted warmer weather, so I pondered this suggestion for about 24 hours.

There’s a little known Gulf Coast tradition of freezing shellfish. Locals swear that this takes care of disease-producing bacteria that brief cooking times and gentle temperatures do not. Who am I to doubt the wisdom of South Louisiana’s finest shrimpers!

This morning, I looked at some weather maps, first North America, then global. WOW! It’s COLD all over. At 6:00 am, it was 8 degrees in Canton, 9 degrees in Weaverville, and 10 degrees right outside my door.

Then came the guidance: “Earth and the environment are being cleansed. This is necessary. What feels like bitter cold to some of you is one aspect of a major detoxing process that can no longer be avoided. Rather than expending energy to warm the weather, get out in it. Breathe deeply. Five to fifteen minutes maximum, please. Your health and the Earth will benefit!”

My guides continued with mention of chemtrails and sylph activity. Those of us who work with elementals are familiar with sylphs. A sylph is a sentient being that lives, breathes, and is air.

Sylphs are air elementals associated with angels, butterflies and dragons. Here’s a link to a video available on YouTube. It’s about five minutes long.  If you like music, turn up the volume.

Sylph Over the Pyrenees

Without air and breath, there is no life.  Inhaling, we fill our physical forms with oxygen, light, and chi.  Exhaling, we leave traces of our being within the atmosphere wherever we are. Feeling, speaking, thinking or simply breathing, we fill our surroundings with our own essences.  Our feelings, words, and attitudes affect the atmosphere and environment.  Actually, our feelings, words, and attitudes become the atmosphere and environment; they form it!

I’ve been diligently, lovingly taught to always check what I’m putting out.  The greatest teacher I’ve ever known to this point, reminds me constantly, “Everything you send out, every thought, every word, every feeling, every working, permeates your own energy field first!  There is no avoiding this; this is the law!  When you call for the lightning, prepare for the shock!  Always send, speak, and think only what you desire to experience, because you are absolutely certain to experience it.”

This teacher provides constant reminders that, as we develop and advance, the consequences of all we do become greater and greater, and begin to affect us instantly, with the speed of thought. These teachings are too important for me to ignore.

We are creating our own atmosphere and environment, both individually and globally.  What are we putting into it???

Are we infusing our environment with life, light, and love? Because, if for any ego-justified reason this is not what we are giving and sending out of us, we are not building these qualities into our own energy fields nor into the global environment, and we can’t experience them.

Courtesy of the same law, when we speak, think, or wish ill for another, we have literally infected our own personal environment with toxicity, which bleeds into the global environment unless it is prevented from doing so.

This is what the current extended deep-freeze COLD is all about. Long accumulated toxins are being frozen out of existence, literally.  Sentient beings who love, protect, and care for us and the Earth have moved the necessary detoxification process to the next level.

Many of us grew up in toxic environments and families.  That was the “dirt” we grew in!  If we haven’t done so already, it’s time to transmute all that NOW, because we are here to be part of the solution!

It isn’t enough to conceptualize the qualities of life, light and love! WE MUST BE LIFE, LIGHT, AND LOVE!  If we haven’t done so already, we must become these things.  We must be life, light, and love so completely that there is no room in us for the slightest variance.  Yes, it is what we need to do, and this is what Earth requires from us, that we breathe into everyone and everything here these qualities of LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE!  Exhaling, we breathe our own essence back into the environment.  If we do not somehow become these divine qualities, we can only fill everything around us with toxins.

For many years, I’ve heard and read about light workers, Earth changes, and vibrational shifts. But how many have been reluctant to speak out about the reality we are all facing and the responsibilities that we have to ourselves and others???

Our greatest responsibility is still changing ourselves.  It is easy to go out and teach, and it can keep us so busy we don’t have time to work on us.  The real work is within us.  Maybe the priority is to uncover and free the essence of who I AM, who we ALL are, and then to breathe that LIFE, LIGHT & LOVE into the planetary atmosphere.  Be all you can really be!  Namaste!

© Molly Silfies and ChiCreation, 1978-2078. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Molly Silfies, ChiCreation™, I AM Reiki™, Ascended Master Reiki™ and/or OnenessReiki™ with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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