Well, here we are !!!!!!!! And isn’t this FUN !!! Yes, this is the very BEST !!!!! I’m listening to Johnny Mathis on YouTube & allowing every memory to surface in my consciousness.

How SUBLIME !!!!!!!!!

I AM remembering David Steven Walker, who moved to San Francisco with Johnny Tidwell following college. He returned to Mississippi years later without Johnny, but with AIDS. He moved back in with his mother, Bonnie Walker, unrecognizable, old, diseased, dying. He didn’t want anyone to see him the way he was in the end. So I didn’t even get to tell him good-bye.

I AM also remembering my childhood & the abusiveness of sexual battering, of being shamed about being naturally, about the guilt that was thrust upon me & about being sexually backwards for many, many, many years. Needlessly & for far too long, I was never open to deeply, truly & without inhibition 


Our bodies are not to be hidden, denied and held back, but revered, treasured, cherished & thoroughly ENJOYED !!!!!!!! Our bodies & all their functions are DIVINE, GLORIOUS, WONDERFUL. MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD !!!!!!!!! How can that ever possibly be wrong? Sex isn’t something to be ashamed of or guilty about; SEX IS DIVINE, MAJESTIC, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT & VERY, VERY PURE !!!!!!!!

Rather than regretting the wasted years, I much prefer to ENJOY MY NOW MOMENTS EACH & EVERY DAY !!!!!!!! I may not get those years back, but I CAN LIVE NOW !!! AND I CAN MAKE THE NOW AS PLEASURABLE, DELIGHTFUL & ENJOYABLE AS POSSIBLE, TO THE MAX !!


A Mother Here

"In Her Image" - Jennifer Smith. Third Place. This work is mixed media (oil and floral decoupage) on canvas paper. The impulse behind the work came from my desire to create an image of the Prime Female as a being representative of the human race as a whole. I would love all women who view this image to feel as though they are made perfectly; in image of a Heavenly Mother who embraces and embodies all possibilities of skin/eye/hair color facial features etc.

Mother Goose

How deeply I love you, my Mother!!!

How I wish you had loved me.

You couldn’t.

You couldn’t do it!!!

You were just a shell,

A shell left over from rape,

From an unwanted pregnancy,

A baby boy you never saw, never held, never wanted.

I’m told you were abused as well.

By your father.

That is impossible for me to imagine.

It must have been someone else.

Who hurt you?

Who formed the monster you became with me?

How do you possibly justify what you did to me?

By telling the world I was “crazy”

So no one would listen if I told.

I never told.

What would be the point?

You took away or killed everything I ever loved.

You definitely tried.

You wanted me to see you

as having total power over me.

You wanted me to believe that you were

too powerful to ever be questioned.

What I know I KNOW is

You were never powerful at all,

 You were pitiful.

With all your manipulations.

All your attempts to control.

All your lies.

You are a liar!!!

Just a liar.

Your teeth caved in.

Eaten away, turned upon themselves.

Dead, dead, dead like you!!!

I wish this had a pretty ending.

But…it is what it is.

There are times when we have to be

thankful for what is!!!

I AM grateful for the way things really were!!!

You made me stronger than

I ever could have possibly imagined!!!

Without intending to do it,

You made me exactly what I AM TODAY!!!
















Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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The Gift of Reiki

Big Sur CA

This must be Heaven!

Applied knowledge, applying the principles, sharing and teaching what we have learned, settling in, and being comfortable in our own skins are all included in the experience of Reiki.

During and following attunement, there is such an onrush of new and recalled info coming in that we can be hard pressed to do anything except receive.  Later, as we begin to actively give, it often behooves us to take several looks at what and whom surrounds us.  We attract precisely those experiences, individuals, and items that work us through our own issues.

Some of you are thinking, “But I don’t have any issues.”  If you are living in nirvana with never so much as a bobble, perhaps this is true.  But if you still inhabit the physical plane and you ever experience even the slightest ripple, here’s a news flash for you:  Our primary work is always on ourselves.

The woman who attuned me to Reiki taught that when we attain wellness, we discover that our focus is no longer on the sick and afflicted.  We work on the sick only when we have something within us that requires healing.

In the same vein, perhaps we teach only when we have something to learn.  Those who teach learn more than their students.  Through the years, I’ve considered this frequently.

Why Reiki?  What are the limitations of Reiki and consciousness?  Are there any limits outside our own egos?

Reiki changes consciousness.

Reiki perfects consciousness.

Reiki attuned me to the incredible richness of breath, the flow of life-giving molecules, the sensual impact of flowers and sky, the kiss of wind, the beauty of water on skin, the nourishment of sunlight.

Reiki imparts the fullness of the joy of living.  With Reiki comes the awareness that I AM truly okay.  There is no requirement to earn the right to enjoy my life or the right to be here.  It is perfect to be who and what I AM without apology or reservation.

I have become my inner child.  I breathe as a child, I see as a child, live as a child, think as a child, speak as a child, and relate as a child.  My best friends are children.

Reiki has also made me aware of the perfection of others.  Anyone can find fault.  Are we not taught to do so?  Finding perfection is an ability worth cultivating.  Following a lifetime of brainwashing, it requires a bit of practice.

For me, these are the best, finest gifts of Reiki.  Not acclaim, not accolades, not even acknowledgement.  Nor fame, financial gain, publicity and money.

Reiki has made me aware of my own humanity.  Reiki has taught me that humility and humiliation are not the same thing.  Reiki has made me functional.

Each one who embraces Reiki has a unique experience that is perfect for his own growth.  Just as infants do not all walk or talk at the same age, we each experience Reiki at our own pace and capacity.  Reiki meets us where we are and takes us farther than we have ever imagined, in the ways that are perfect for us.

Until next post, namaste!


© Molly Silfies and ChiCreation, 1978-2078. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Molly Silfies, ChiCreation™, I AM Reiki™, Ascended Master Reiki™ and/or OnenessReiki™ with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


Path to Ascension


“Since this inner life of man is truly creative, there rests upon each person the responsibility of choosing as to whether this creativity shall be spontaneous and wholly haphazard or controlled, directed, and constructive.”  Thought from The Urantia Book

Literally everything in one’s personal reality begins with a thought which is projected into physical form.  We are constantly thinking thoughts.  The key to manifesting our desires is consciously choosing the most constructive thoughts, the thoughts around which our desires will form and solidify.  Repeated thoughts, especially those associated with emotional feeling, fill in the outlines of our desires, eventually becoming fully physical.

Reiki changes consciousness.  Self-treatment, consistently practiced on a daily basis, provides tremendous influx of higher consciousness, as does meditation and other spiritual practices.

Earnestly seek, then diligently practice all which is right for your unique path. 

Since thoughts are things and thoughts are creative, first choose the highest thoughts.  Then live your life as one who has already attained the highest levels of consciousness.  In other words, allow your actions to follow your finest thoughts.

May we all be blessed with the abundance and prosperity which spring from the perfection of our own consciousness.

Until the next post, namaste!

Attainment of Perfect Health

Wellness begins simply with the willingness to be well.

Each human consciousness is born of a spark of Divinity within. Divine Consciousness, consciousness of our own divinity as well as that of everyone else, is within us.  In Truth, we cannot be anything other than Divine.

As with petals of a rose, aspects of consciousness unfold.  This is a gradual process.  While I do not pretend to speak for anyone else, for me this coincides with and echoes the birth process; each petal requires about nine months of “time” to open.  Attempts to force our own growth or anyone else’s are like microwaving a living flower to speed blossoming; the flower is lost when its natural process is impeded or interfered with.

Like flowers, we each have a timer within us, an inner wisdom that knows everything which is best for our own particular unfolding. Trusting this, rather than searching outside of us for “expert” advice, is learned behavior, infinitely worth mastering.

Once realization arrives that we have always been perfectly connected with our Source because being disconnected isn’t possible in the first place, we can relax.  From that moment, we can relax and allow!  We can begin to be reacquainted with the Truth of our own Divinity.

Divine Wellness is what we have known forever, and wellness is all we can be or manifest.  Wellness and health begin with a thought, exactly as do accident, disease, pain, and death.  Thoughts are changeable things.  Choose your thoughts, your words, your behaviors and actions.  Choose consciously.  Choose wisely.

In the immortal words of Mr. Spock:

“Live well, and prosper!”

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