A Mother Here

"In Her Image" - Jennifer Smith. Third Place. This work is mixed media (oil and floral decoupage) on canvas paper. The impulse behind the work came from my desire to create an image of the Prime Female as a being representative of the human race as a whole. I would love all women who view this image to feel as though they are made perfectly; in image of a Heavenly Mother who embraces and embodies all possibilities of skin/eye/hair color facial features etc.

Mother Goose

How deeply I love you, my Mother!!!

How I wish you had loved me.

You couldn’t.

You couldn’t do it!!!

You were just a shell,

A shell left over from rape,

From an unwanted pregnancy,

A baby boy you never saw, never held, never wanted.

I’m told you were abused as well.

By your father.

That is impossible for me to imagine.

It must have been someone else.

Who hurt you?

Who formed the monster you became with me?

How do you possibly justify what you did to me?

By telling the world I was “crazy”

So no one would listen if I told.

I never told.

What would be the point?

You took away or killed everything I ever loved.

You definitely tried.

You wanted me to see you

as having total power over me.

You wanted me to believe that you were

too powerful to ever be questioned.

What I know I KNOW is

You were never powerful at all,

 You were pitiful.

With all your manipulations.

All your attempts to control.

All your lies.

You are a liar!!!

Just a liar.

Your teeth caved in.

Eaten away, turned upon themselves.

Dead, dead, dead like you!!!

I wish this had a pretty ending.

But…it is what it is.

There are times when we have to be

thankful for what is!!!

I AM grateful for the way things really were!!!

You made me stronger than

I ever could have possibly imagined!!!

Without intending to do it,

You made me exactly what I AM TODAY!!!
















Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Gaze into the eyes of the Wolf; they seem to look into your soul.

Don’t be afraid if they make you cold.

The wolf has been here since the beginning of time;

To destroy this noble creature is surely a crime.

If we share the power and wisdom of the creatures of this land,

We could all find peace and make a stand,

To live together and not hurt anyone,

Enjoy life and join as one.

We were put on this earth to enjoy this life;

Our days should never be filled with strife.

The wolf is my brother; he is part of me.

When I look into his eyes, a noble creature I see.

The Creator made the animal the same time He made man;

So please don’t destroy what you don’t understand.

Let the wolves run proud and free.

That’s the way it is meant to be.

At a mature age, I appreciate the blessing of having known some of my friends and loved ones for many years. Yesterday I received a rumpled copy of this poem from one of my dearest, most intimate friends, whom I’ve known for 33+ years.  He knows all too well my passionate adoration of wolves.  🙂

For the first time ever, this friend of mine is at a loss for words to comfort me.  He knows all too well the mourning of our family for the Gulf of Mexico.  Even today as we celebrate the summer solstice, our mood is sober.  We give thanks for all our blessings. We gratefully acknowledge that we have many times many blessings.  And we demand that the greatest good manifest swiftly out of the destruction and devastation of our beloved waters and precious wildlife.

With all my heart, I pray that, to a person, all humans now place a new, reverent value on all life!  I AM done with seeing innocent animals die as the result of human ignorance, greed, and disregard. In order to create and produce the best results now, I’m being required to switch my focus away from the horrors created by the oil spill.  Part of my training, I guess!  I know, if I focus constantly on what I do not truly desire, I can produce only that which I do not truly desire.  We all create exactly what we focus upon!  That’s universe law.  I definitely do not intend to produce or experience this level of destruction ever again!

How to move forward??  At a personal level, I’ve increased my spiritual practice several times over.  Waking earlier now, as I exercise, I’m pouring out profound heartfelt gratitude for every beautiful, perfect thing in this world.   I take special note of every good thing that comes to my awareness.  I intend to see and experience many more of these! Now I meditate three times daily. Now I tell people, often, that I love them and value them.  Now I acknowledge their divinity and specialness aloud, to them, rather than merely focusing on this during meditation and prayer. It’s working! My consciousness is changing by the moment!  For about four days now, I AM increasingly aware that I’m living in a better world than previously.

Many of us are present here now because WE ARE HIGHLY SKILLED MANIFESTORS! We manifest easily and effortlessly. It’s imperative that we FOCUS ON THE MOST DESIRABLE RESULT!

There is a massive, concerted effort to control our focus right now! Be aware!  Do not allow your focus to slip in response to any effort to control your thoughts.  We are all very powerful, and we are certain to manifest very powerfully, for good or for ill.  Let’s make it for the greatest good!

God bless you all!  May you enjoy profound peace throughout every Earthly experience.  Until next blog, namaste!

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