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We are always delighted to answer questions!  Please send them via email, post them on Facebook, etc. The ones that can be helpful to everyone will be posted here on the blog.  Please indicate whether or not it’s okay for us to use your name, and if you prefer to be answered in a private email.  Thanks for all your input!

In response to your questions, we’ve decided to add this page to the sidebar.  At this time we have every intention of leaving all questions intact so this list will be a growing one.  If the need arises, we’ll create some simple divisions and groupings so you can more easily locate the question(s) you want to read.

Once again, thank you so much for every question!  Let’s get to them:

Alex R: Did I hear you say that you don’t use medical doctors? What’s up with that?  Do you expect your students to do the same?

Thanks for getting right to the point!  It’s true, I do not use medical doctors.  After many years of getting to know my own body, I’ve accumulated a long history of experiencing more desirable results from relying on my own I AM Presence and subconscious than I’ve had with medical professionals.

As with everything else, this is a personal decision.  Because of my personal belief system and spiritual background, this works best for me.

That being said, under no circumstances that I can think of at this point would I ever, for any reason, encourage anyone else to make the same choices I’ve made.  These choices work for me and I’m happy with the results I’ve always experienced.

Unless my family, friends, loved ones, and students all have belief systems identical to mine, they likely would not experience the same results that I have.  In fact, unless they share my belief system, my methods may produce undesirable results.

First and foremost, it’s important for each individual to choose according to her/his own belief system.  This is the safest way. You must work with your belief system as it is NOW, today.

As your consciousness and awareness progress, when your belief system changes and you KNOW 100% that the safest way is for you to do your own body care, that would be the time to make another choice.

Please, never make any choices based upon “someone else does it and it works for them”, especially with health care.  The physical body is one of the most precious things to ever belong to any being. Think long and hard about body care. The choices you make are usually permanent.  Be certain you can live forever with the choices you make for your own body.  Above all, allow everyone else to make their own choices as well!


Emily P: Why do you not attune smokers to this system?

Keep it [your soul] then in patience, in love, in gentleness, in kindness . . . For these are indeed the fruits of the spirit . . . And remember, a kindness sometimes consists in denying as well as granting those activities in associations with thy fellow man.  Cayce Reading 5322-1

Let’s begin by clearing this up; we do not single out smokers by saying, “No, you can’t have this because we don’t like your preferred habit.”  As a protection to the ones seeking attunement, this set of attunements is not given to anyone who has not cleared through their own issues.  There are other attunements, sets of attunements, and Reiki systems which are designed for clearing, cleansing, and assisting with correcting issues.  This particular system is not for that purpose.

These attunements are designed to permanently lock specific information into the human body and its entire energy system. There is no reversal.  The attunements are permanent, as in eternal.

They are safely given to infants and children who are not dealing with major issues.  We have met very few adults who have worked through their issues.

Let’s once again use the car as an analogy.  When you fuel your car, you may fill it with premium fuel as well as additives designed to enhance performance.  There may be the occasion to clean and clear the fuel lines.  You love your car, so you care for it lovingly.

There are some substances which are very useful to humankind, for example, nitroglycerin.  Desirable in the manufacture of explosives, used as a propellant, even as a medication, nitroglycerin used carelessly has disastrous, often tragic results.

Would you fuel your car with nitroglycerin?  No, you might fill it with nitromethane, but you wouldn’t use nitroglycerin unless you intended to completely destroy the car.

These attunements change your physical body, its cells, tissues, and organs, as well as your entire energy system.  They are not appropriate for anyone who has not cleared addictions, sexual abuse, and anger issues.  There are other attunements that are. We are very happy to suggest others to you or to assist you in whatever ways are actually helpful and beneficial.

What we won’t do is attune you with this particular set of attunements unless and until you have cleared the issues as we’ve been instructed must be done.  In other words, we will not attune you, for any price, when we know that doing so is virtually guaranteed to have destructive effects since these attunements permanently lock in all personal information, including habits, in such a way that they can no longer be cleared.

I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, much less on my loved ones.

Because of the content of these attunements, we do not give them except as instructed.  Because of the natural inclination to “tweak” we do not authorize others to give them.


Anon: Why do you suggest focusing on the breath during meditation rather than using a point of focus such as a candle?

The intent here is to train so that all the meditator requires is what (s)he carries with her or him at any given time.  Do you usually carry a candle with you?  Using a physical item as the point of focus habituates you to meditate where your candle is.  When you meditate using what is always present within you, for example, the breath, then you are ready to meditate whenever and wherever you desire.

The intent is Perfect Freedom.  Enjoy your physical manifestations, but do not be attached to them.  You are everything you require.


Erin E: Hold on!  Did I miss something, or did I misunderstand? I read that you were determined to create a safe set of attunements. These don’t seem safe.

Observing how things and thoughts evolve, I have to appreciate universe order! Years ago, I lost one of my students (she died) and became aware that two others were experiencing some extremely weird, scary stuff during the attunement process. At the time I was teaching and attuning to Belinda Hymas’s system, which she developed.  Although my own system had already been given to me, it was still in development and I wasn’t teaching it at that time for one simple reason, I hadn’t mastered it myself.

I experienced more than a bit of concern about the safety of the attunement process. I was determined to find a “safe” process.  I was all done with students experiencing rapidly deteriorating health, terminal illness, hearts stopping while fully awake, conscious, and driving alone, and having my pets murdered because one student became convinced I had used Reiki to kill her mother’s dog!

I stopped teaching for a while, long enough to step back and take another look at that entire picture!  The result was that I began working in earnest to master and put together the system that was given to me.  Except by request for other attunements, this is all I teach now.

Is it safe?  It is absolutely safe for small children (toddlers – preschool) who are still free of socialization. (This may be why it is beautifully effective for some who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.)  It is also perfectly safe for older children and adults who are clear of addictions, distorted sexual patterning, and the anger-violence spectrum.

For those who balk at clearing their own stuff, there are other attunement systems.  I heartily recommend them.

Never at any time did I intend to imply that Belinda’s system is dangerous or unsafe!  Her system is absolutely perfect for everyone who chooses it, and I recommend her instruction and attunements unconditionally, without reservation.


Question from Donald Owens:  Molly, how do I connect to my spiritual side?  I have trouble concentrating.  My mind wanders and doesn’t focus. What are your gifts? Can you give me some pointers to find out what mine are? Thank you.

Donald, thanks so much for asking this!  The first clue is, RELAX instead of concentrating.  When you “concentrate”, you are trying to do all the “work” yourself.  When you first begin to meditate, focus on your breath.  As you do this, your body naturally relaxes to deeper and deeper levels.  At first, just practice relaxing as deeply as you easily go, but ALLOW relaxation rather than striving for it.  It’s fine for your mind to wander; just bring it back to your breath when this happens, and continue breathing.  While you may not reach the most creative levels during your first attempts, you still reap the health benefits of lowered blood pressure and inner peace.  At the most appropriate point, you will go “beyond sleep”.  To describe this, I usually say that you’ll feel as if you are falling asleep.  Allow this!  Relax even more deeply, and you’ll find yourself in a vivid, clear creative state of mind with your body feeling somewhat like you are floating.  At this point, the world is yours!  If you had a purpose in mind for this particular meditation, ask and ye shall receive!  Or you can always just ask for the information that’s best for you right now, something like that.  Remember to seek for the answers within you first before asking outside sources; because of the God-spark within us, we have a direct line to Divine Truth.  It’s important to learn to trust this part of ourselves.  As for discovering your gifts, sit down with pen and paper.  Begin writing.  List the things that bring you happiness and joy.  Many people get caught up in “spiritual gifts”, “powers”, etc.  It’s kind of comical!  One of the most important spiritual gifts is the ability to bring JOY to others.  LOVE is an awesome spiritual gift.  Love is the key to all other spiritual gifts.  Begin with loving your SELF; by this I mean loving the part of you that comes directly from Heavenly Father, the part that gives you life and breath.  Get in touch with the qualities within you that come directly from Him.  These are your best spiritual gifts.  As for mine, the ones I value most are: the ability to teach the children in my life, the ability to literally feel what the people around me are feeling, the certainty that Heavenly Father is real and all the knowledge he blesses me with, as well as the protection he provides constantly for me and my family, and the FACT that he loves me and all my loved ones perfectly!  I hope one day to comprehend the entire magnificence of His Divine Love for all of us.  When you read the scriptures that tell us about spiritual gifts, it’s so easy to think that some are greater than others.  Just remember, “The greatest of these is LOVE!” At some point, you may see angels or receive revelation, or be blessed with the ability to heal.  No matter what you are ever given, stay centered in LOVE! I guess what I’m warning you about is that spiritual gifts can quickly become an ego trip before you realize what is happening, and when this happens, you are lost.  Spiritual gifts are like icing on a cake; they make you sick if you eat just the icing and leave the cake.  Have I adequately answered your questions, or do you need further clarification?

Reply from Donald:  Thank you so much. this is what I needed to start.

I AM always delighted to answer questions!  Please keep them coming!

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