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I grew up in an open, spiritually-focused family environment that provided me much growth and strong grounding in Divine Principles.

I experienced spontaneous awakening in autumn of 1978 and began channeling simultaneously.  The guides who introduced themselves to me at that time are Hraj, Belishe, Arishniqa, and Arak Meshima.  They are deathless, living masters assigned by My Father to be my companions, mentors, protectors, and teachers.  Since that exhilarating beginning, I’ve channeled many other “guiding light beings”.  And I’ve worked intensely and extensively with self-hypnosis and creative manifestation techniques since 1978 as well.

My entire life has been devoted to Spiritual Truth and the development of consciousness. Because I grew up in a family whose main focus was on spiritual principles, family members were my first spiritual teachers. Immediately following the spontaneous awakening, I began channeling. The channeling included not only information, but drawings and poems as well; the information given to me was about multidimensional reality, the Universe, Earth, consciousness, and the Human Energy Field, so  I began a study of the human as a system of energy.  My teachers impressed me more than anything else I had even imagined in my lifetime.  They were funny, they loved me beyond anything else I’d ever experienced, and they somehow managed to get and hold my full attention.  No one else ever had.

My children and I left the sunny beaches of California in April 1983 and lived on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota until fall of 1986.  My interest in healing had begun in earnest while we lived in California, and it was on the rez that I met a medicine man at a ceremony he was doing.  His name was Robert Blue Thunder.  One day I said him somewhat sarcastically that, if he was a “real” medicine man, he could fix my problem!  Pulling my sleeves up, I showed him my arms.

Following the birth of my youngest child, I went through several extended rounds of antibiotics for a nosocomial staph infection, yet after a full year of medical treatment, it was systemic.  My skin looked as if I had smallpox and I could barely stand or walk anymore.  People I met shied away from me.

To my absolute astonishment, the next morning the dried up scabs began falling off and my energy returned.  That day, my interest in healing became one of the most important aspects of my life.

From the time all this began in 1978, through the years on the reservation, until autumn of 1992, I kept quiet about these experiences. I was a busy mother of five. And…I joyously held membership in a church that I was determined to stay in. I could not explain what was happening to me and I lived in fear. I did not want to be excommunicated.

Looking back now, it interests me that I did not choose to go public.  Much of the reason for this did have to do with my fear of being excommunicated from my beloved church in the worst-case scenario, or being ostracized and having my spiritual abilities cast as pearls before swine, another scriptural reference.  Both were dear to me.  I considered them Gifts from God.  My intent was not to risk either.

In 1992, again in autumn, I set off in a different direction on a new path that led me directly to Reiki.  We moved to Mesa AZ.  One day I received a call from a church friend, Marsha, who told me in no uncertain terms that there was a woman in town visiting her family, that I “had to” meet.  I wasn’t excited or even open.  I was blatantly resistant, but after nearly a week of Marsha’s “encouragement” (constant nagging), I finally said, “Give me her phone number.  I’ll call her.”  About ninety seconds into my first conversation with Belinda, I knew I was going to learn Reiki and spend every moment possible picking this woman’s brain!

My youngest daughter and I studied Reiki together and in March 1993, we received Usui master level attunement on the same day.  In fact, all our attunements were on the same days; we were always processing in unison!

Following that first level attunement, having been instructed to drink lots of water because most people go through some release of toxins, we experienced intense clearing in a state resembling what I’ve been told a coma is like; for three days we lay on our living room couch, mute.  We were conscious of our hands touching.  Aware of touch and sound, we could not speak, nor did we move for about two days.  We had extreme fevers.  We simply lay together in silence.  There was no mortal person present except the two of us and we definitely were not cooking or eating!  I do recall struggling very hard at one point during the third day to make it to the bathroom and back to the couch we shared.  What I mostly remember is being taught “in the spirit”.  There were teachers/masters who were clearing our bodies, physical forms and energy, and instructing us in Divine Principles at the same time.  The only thing I’ve ever read that seems similar to our experience is described in the Book of Mormon, in Alma chapters 18 and 19.

Angela and I spent 13 months in Arizona practicing Reiki every waking moment.  We met many wonderful people, and Belinda was always available to answer our questions and share her insights with us.  She loves teaching as much as anyone ever could.

Recently I’ve begun to reconsider that long past decision to keep my experiences private.  Perhaps I was lacking courage, lacking faith, or lacking both.  The result of not going public is that I never reached out to others I might have assisted, befriended, and taught.  I began to wonder how many people there are whose lives I might have enriched by simply sharing and using the gifts Heavenly Father saw fit to entrust to me.

My focus today is on ascension, personal perfection, and the Oneness of every sentient being.  We are all this Universal Life Energy!

So…here I AM.  I cannot go back.  I begin again here and now, where I AM, to share these gifts freely with those whose paths I cross.

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