Whereas I once taught 3rd eye projection, whereas I once taught projection from the 2nd chakra, whereas I once taught speaking from the throat chakra, whereas I once taught the integration of thymus with heart, as well as hand & foot chakras…teaching these points were for the purpose of clearing or cleaning them & making them functional.

There are upwards of 600 chakra points in the human body, each of which is a “kill point” in negative systems &  a Divine Energy Center with literally infinite energetic uses in Divine Reiki. Possibilities are endless.

I know, I know…we have been taught that there are only 7 chakras in the human body. More recently this has expanded to include 8 chakras, 12 chakras,13 chakras & even 18 major chakras for the human body. But this doesn’t include the minor chakras. And do you know who is teaching the minor chakras? Right, some of you have guessed correctly. Because who else would teach using these to kill, maim or disable a so-called enemy? Yes, this is more ancient than Usui & 1830. But…the points are real, folks, and may be used for healing as well as for enemy strikes.

Just as war is outdated, so are the uses for the chakras for hurting & harming people and animals. 

And the points are not only useful for healing, but for the full whole development of the true human. (more…)

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