Reiki’s Value

The Value of Reiki

What is your


Is it truly an amount of “money”, or is it the FEELING of what you get & receive for the money?

My suggestion is that perhaps you have taken the long way to your goal. Or just maybe what you thought and believed was your goal had nothing whatsoever to do with anything even remotely pertaining to your goal.

Perhaps it was simpler all along.


There is no price tag on the benefits of Reiki. Is being free of pain permanently & forever worth an amount of money? 

The truth is, the


You can certainly use Reiki to manifest money, or you can use it to manifest


which of course includes whatever is most appropriate for the one who is manifesting. I’m thinking now of the one who taught me Reiki. She loves Reiki and she was a very good teacher. But at some point on her personal path, she became focused upon manifesting money. And she couldn’t move through the pain. She had a knee replacement. She also decided to hold onto guns. PAIN & GUNS. Easy for me to see. She never saw it.

I desired to yell & scream at her, “What happened to your FAITH; what happened to your TRUST? What happened to YOU?”

But it was over & done.

Ditto for my star student and her mother. Following the narcissistic & abusive way she went about becoming a “Reiki teacher” herself, I sat back to watch and learn from her mistakes. Who was it that said, “Ordinary folks sometimes learn from their own mistakes, but geniuses are brilliant because they learn from the mistakes of others.” Sure enough, it didn’t take long. The first thing I learned was that her love of dolphins took a very negative turn with the BP oil spill. A corporate oil spill, which by the way, was directly related to hers and her mother’s corporate income. Next thing I know, she is out in the Gulf of Mexico whooping to call the poor dolphins, who are themselves laden with oil, sick and dying. The only thing I’m sorry for is the DOLPHINS !!!

Well, I, for one, AM done with teachers who teach about manifestation but believe that manifesting MONEY is the way to teach, rather than manifesting TRUE PROSPERITY,

which, by the way, includes Perfect Health, Success, Peace, Love, Abundance, and money when & as it is needed.

I AM also quite permanently done with students in such a rush to teach that they refuse to clear their own issues, yes, excuse me, you have just a couple, which remain in place, uncleared because you with your ego are so stubborn you must simply RUSH AHEAD to teach those poor unfortunates who await your assistance. “You can’t be serious; how could I possibly have issues???” Never mind clearing !!!!!!!!


Now, armed with the TRUTH, I AM








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