I AM responsible for everything in my life.

Lanakila Brandt – Priest of Lono

Mana is life force, the power that enables us to live. Many people go through life without using mana consciously; they walk through life like they are in a fog. Using mana you perceive what life really means and what it’s saying to you.

Well, what is life saying to you? What is life saying? Is it saying that I AM having more today than yesterday? Is it saying that I AM more than I was yesterday? Or…is it just sayin!

It matters not what you call it; call it chi (qi), prana, mana. It is all the same. What matters is being able to use it consciously!!! All the time. And this (usually) requires practice. At least a lifetime.

Lanakila Brandt was born 15 July 1924. He died 02 December 2005. He lived, breathed, prayed, shared energy & made love consciously!!! With feeling. With intent. For chosen purposes. Thank you, Lanakila, for your presence on this Earth. Thank you for setting an incredible example for all of us & for using sex & sexuality most powerfully! Thank you for choosing the meaning of your life!!!


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