From Chronic Celibacy to Perfect Sexual Ecstasy in 60 Seconds or Less

This is a re-post from last October, unchanged except for grammar and spelling. Not having posted for a very long time and considering the current issues in my own life, revisiting this post seems most appropriate now. Irregardless of who we are, whatever our “past”, there is a perfect match/mate for each of us; being with him or her requires unwavering courage and perhaps letting go of what no longer fits or serves us! Thanks again, Mary, for being a shining light in my life, for supporting me in my own conscious growth, and for embracing


Because you loved yourself, you are truly loved!

This post is respectfully dedicated to Mary Daniels.  Wherever you are, Mary, my sincerest gratitude for showing those of us blessed to know you, the way!

I met Mary in Scottsdale AZ in 1993.  She was the only non-Mormon in our Reiki training group of 20, more or less; a fewsome were in and out, although we were mostly stable.  Mary was in her early 60’s and had been married to her husband, Steve, for some 40 years, he an architect and she a gifted, talented interior designer/decorator.  Their shared business was lucrative, very profitable.  They had three grown daughters.  Steve spent most of his time playing with several electric trains for which he had built an elaborate playground in their triple garage, which left their vehicles on the street.  Good thing it doesn’t rain much in Scottsdale.

Beautiful and shapely, Mary missed the delightful sexual expression she craved again now that she and her husband had the house to themselves after years of raising children.  She booked a two-week tantra workshop, a surprise for her husband’s birthday. I recall her excitement vividly.  Steve told her she was crazy. They didn’t need that at their age, it wasn’t appropriate.  He wasn’t going.  I also recall her bewildered tears; the woman cried an Amazon.

God bless her!  After failing to get a refund for the money she had already paid, Mary chose to go to the workshop alone, without her husband.  I watched while she packed.  There was no trace of a smile.  Her face was etched with grim determination to enjoy her body, her life, and her sexuality, to experience being fully alive every possible moment.

Though I thought of her often, I didn’t hear from Mary during the two-week workshop.  When she returned home, as I stepped through her front door, her radiance was incredible, palpable.  She was glowing, happy, filled with fiery joy.  God had provided her a partner some 25 years younger than she.  The workshop had required that they live naked for the full two weeks.  They had worked outdoors together, building a shelter to share and exploring each other’s bodies.  He asked her to join him in Canada, to live with him for as long as possible.

My Mormon brain flip-flopped.  Mary and Steve met with their daughters, who concluded that their mother was surely experiencing a severe mental episode that required treatment. Mary stood her ground.  She also signed over all finances and property accumulated during their 40-year marriage, if it can rightly be called a marriage, to Steve and their daughters, keeping none of it for herself.  After saying a few good-byes, she promptly flew to Canada to her new life, free to enjoy her body, her sexuality, and the restoration of her Self, to enjoy being with the man who actually wanted and truly enjoyed her.

I never heard from Mary again.  I’ve often thought of her, with profound gratitude to her for being a way shower.  She was, and hopefully still is, a very powerful woman.

In the wake of some recent experiences of my own, this is up in my face again! Okay! Let’s do it! No flinching this time! I’m ready!

Love requires us to put our priorities in order and to make choices that embrace the life we truly desire.  Love may also require that we allow no one and nothing to keep us from being with our beloved, the one who loves us, not our money, nor our education, nor our social standing, but who we are inside once we are stripped bare naked to stand in our true power in the light.

Love the person you truly are!  God bless!  Until next post, Namaste!

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  1. Lyrics

    Your love is better than ice cream
    Better than anything else that I’ve tried
    And your love is better than ice cream
    Everyone here know how to fight

    And it’s a long way down
    It’s a long way down
    It’s a long way down to the place
    Where we started from

    Your love is better than chocolate
    Better than anything else that I’ve tried
    Oh love is better than chocolate
    Everyone here knows how to cry

    It’s a long way down
    It’s a long way down
    It’s a long way down to the place
    Where we started from…


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    Re-posting this just seems…appropriate at this time in my own life, when I AM delighted to be putting my own priorities in order. Yeehah!


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