Happiness & Quiet Enjoyment

Two days ago I learned that, due to budget cuts, mental patients throughout the state of North Carolina are now being released from hospitals although no place(s) have been prepared for them to go.

Busy as usual, at first this did not receive much of my attention. However, it quickly became apparent that some work to “heal” this situation would be required of me.

That same night, during a Bible study for women and children, one woman announced quite loudly that she had been without her medications for ten days now. As if on cue, a second woman began to goad the first, who rapidly grew angrier, spoke increasingly more loudly, then began throwing things, cursing, and threatening the second as well as several other women in the room with death and an ass-whooping, including the teachers. The escalation was very rapid. The women in attendance did not immediately respond appropriately. Then came the burst of feverish activity.

Amid 911 calls, prayers for help, peace, and calm, and a bit of Reiki (It never hurts!), an unexpected situation that might have been disastrous was effectively defused.

That night, I didn’t sleep as soundly as I normally do. My peaceful feathers felt the teensiest bit ruffled.

So…the next morning, I sought out one of my favorite peaceful places for the customary daily hour-long devotional. Watching the glorious sunrise, the gold, pink, mauve, and purple hues briefly blessed my vision and the incredible blue of sky, as gratitude poured from me to the powers that be. Every sunrise, unique in all creation, is perfect.

A sound to my right caused me to look at immediate surroundings. A man approached, shuffling rapidly toward me. The thought that came was, “He’s going to ask me for a cigarette.” Not the least unusual. Sorry, fella, I can’t help with that.

As he neared, the scruffy hair and beard became evident. He hadn’t washed. The man shoved his front against me. I could smell every hair! Before I could ask what he wanted, he began yelling. “You have to get right with God! You’re a backslider!”

“Sir, I believe I’m okay with God.”

“You have blue eyes! You’re a German!”

“God bless you!”

He began shuffling away, throwing curses and accusations of backsliding as he went.

Grabbing my things, I walked into a McDonald’s a short distance away. Choosing the most remote table, I grabbed a biscuit, definitely not my usual breakfast fare, and spread out my notebook, pens, and morning reading. Settling down, very glad to be alone and focused again, I noted the sound of an electric shopping cart.

“There you are! I found you!” He drove the cart almost up to the table where I sat.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“You f****n Nazi war criminal! I know who you are! The d**n German prisoners stayed here after the war, didn’t have the money to go home. They bred up here in the mountains. That’s who you are!”

Without a word, speechless, in fact, I slowly rose and walked to the front counter. The store manager was there. Thankfully, he was a large, very fit man.

The other man, God bless him, quickly walked up behind me. “You’re a snitch! You’re up here snitching on me, ain’t cha!”

Using my quietest voice, locking eyes with the man, I say, “I won’t listen to anymore of this.”

Security arrived. The man screamed repeatedly, “I’m a cop and she’s my snitch!”

Determined, I went back to my table, finished breakfast, organized my work of the day. Walking quietly for almost an hour, then sitting to contemplate, I really, honestly considered changing my original plan and doing something else for the day.

As I sat, though, it became obvious that the day was still mine and I was free to choose whatever I desired. I did a Reiki treatment for safety and proceeded to my peaceful place.

No matter what time of day or how hot the weather, this place always, always has a cool breeze and total shade. It’s lovely. Yesterday, as I entered the gate, a large black king snake, the yellow-bellied kind, greeted me. King snakes keep their territories free of toxic/poisonous snakes and other pests/vermin. He lay there, gazing up at me as if to say, “This is a safe, clean area for every being here. Enjoy it in peace and love.”

So I did. Stretching out on a wooden bench, I wrote, read, munched grapes & cheese, and finally slept. It was glorious, and profoundly peaceful.

I haven’t blogged in ages. It’s time.

I’m asking, please, everyone who will, please do a bit of remote work for those who are misplaced, homeless, without meds, hungry, confused, etc., etc., etc. Please work to smooth their way, provide what is needed, and bless them with what is truly best for them. 

There are some who seek to rob us/you/me of our rights.  Under the guise of asserting their own rights, they intend and seek to strip us of ours.

As is true of beauty, race, ethnicity, culture, and social status, are often in the eye of the beholder. Some humans have laid claim to truly impaired perceptual abilities.

Reiki is one of the greatest gifts in my entire existence. I cannot overstate this. It is my truth. One of the outgrowths of my journey with Reiki is that I truly, genuinely desire that everyone does have what is best for her/him at every level, on every step of their own personal path.

If you have time or inclination, ask yourself the following questions:

Four Questions for Growth

1. What is the most magnificent gift I can give to life in the next three years?

2. How can I become optimally more powerful in a way that’s safe and wise?

3. How can I nurture my relationships so that they thrive even as my life continues changing?

4. What can I do that guarantees me all the love I desire/need?

Healing the Earth, one treatment at a time.
Raising awareness of autism, violence against women & children, and homelessness.
Until next post, Namaste!


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