Caring for Your Immortal Body

For this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

The Book of Moses

A while back, someone asked me for a suggested reading list.  I don’t suggest reading material to anyone.  I prefer that everyone choose their own reading materials.  The reason for this is that what impacts my consciousness and benefits my growth may not necessarily do the same for someone else.  I suggest reading what attracts you.  Read whatever reaches out to you and says, “Take me!  Read me!”

Today I make an exception here to share the names of a few books I’ve enjoyed along the way, so long as you understand that I’m not suggesting them and I’m uncertain whether or not they will benefit you.  The books below brought me joy and provided me a launching pad, a jumping off place that sent my thoughts soaring to new heights.  That’s it.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Physical Immortality – The Science of Everlasting Life by Leonard Orr

The Bible – King James Version, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price

The Urantia Book

The Miracle of Forgiveness – Teacher’s Manual

This is an incomplete list, given here only because it’s been requested of me.  I feel it necessary to state emphatically that reading can be catalyst and fertilizer for conscious development, but

My life is my lab; I AM a walking, breathing question mark.

Our lives are what teach us.  Indigenous peoples on every continent are highly intelligent humans who have mastered the fine art of living and surviving in balance with nature, many without written language.  They read the air, sun, sky, sand and soil, everything where they are, everything in their surroundings. They enjoy rich dream lives.  That’s what they read.

Books are a fairly new invention which require a somewhat different focus and intelligence.  Modern consciousness makes use of books.

What if…we have every tool in existence at our disposal, awaiting our embrace, acceptance, and mastery???  Should we not use everything that is available to us?  Why not read dreams and nature as well as books?

You’ve asked, so I share.  My own work entails self-healing, perfect connection with High SELF, and reconnection with abilities, capabilities, powers and talents which are our birthright as human beings on this Earth. In by far the majority of humans who inhabit this planet today, much of our function is disconnected from conscious awareness and remains dormant.  We are taught literally from conception that some things are beyond our capabilities and control.  To some extent, everyone in modern western culture has bought into this programming.

At a point in my own life, I began to consider what if.  What if we all have abilities that we’ve been taught to believe are simply not within us?  Acceptance of such a belief prevents exploration of possibilities, doesn’t it?

This has come home to me repeatedly.  The first time was when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer; my fifth child and baby was three years old.  I became extremely angry in response to the matter-of-fact manner of the surgeon I was referred to.  He was the second doctor I saw.  He was not the last.  After demanding and getting my entire file from his office, I got a second opinion, then a third, fourth, and fifth.

Beyond seeking several medical opinions, I didn’t discuss my decision to refuse surgery with anyone.  My mantra became, “This is my body!  I can do whatever I choose with it!  This is my decision, and I make this decision of my own free will and choice!”

I didn’t comprehend it at the time, but what happened through that experience was, I took back my power, the power within me, to own and care for my own sacred physical form.  I never relinquished that power again.

Bottom line, I did not have surgery.  Some months later, after getting my thoughts in order, I had one brief round of cryo as an outpatient.  Today, 24 years later, I’ve never had another “bad” PAP smear.  Go figure.  Little, scared single mother of five, threw away caution, practicality and other people’s opinions with both hands and followed my gut, my heart and my soul!

I’d connected with something inside me, an inner certainty that surprised me more than anyone else.  Why did I do it? Because I could not ignore my beloved inner voice.

Wait!  This post is about you!  Part of what I do is assist others to take care of their physical forms, as well as listen to their inner wisdom first, and hopefully become their own expert.

Your body is wise beyond measure.  Form the habit of talking to your body.  Thank it for maintaining perfect health.  Respectfully request your body to give you all knowledge required for its perfect care.  It will gratefully do so!

The responsibility for your health is yours!

Rest assured, you have complete freedom to make every choice concerning your own health and well-being.  No one is ever going to take that responsibility away from you, because no one can! While you can give away your power and follow someone else’s recommendation for your body and health, you are always and forever the one in control. Remember this:  You can abdicate, but you are still the one making the choice.  Whatever your choices, act & live fearlessly!  You owe it to yourself.

“We are able to be of service to those who suffer only to the extent that we have been able to transform fear in our own lives.” Robert Sardello


Disclaimer:  I have never considered myself a leader; rather, I know full well that I AM the willing follower of my own inner voice.  This post is written to make others aware of their inner voices as well; in no way is its purpose to encourage anyone to refuse medical treatment of any kind.  What I AM encouraging is that everyone, to the last of us, grow and nurture the ability to think for ourselves, as well as embracing 100% responsibility for our own lives and health.

Blessings & love!

Until next post, Namaste!


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