Attainment of Perfect Health

Wellness begins simply with the willingness to be well.

Each human consciousness is born of a spark of Divinity within. Divine Consciousness, consciousness of our own divinity as well as that of everyone else, is within us.  In Truth, we cannot be anything other than Divine.

As with petals of a rose, aspects of consciousness unfold.  This is a gradual process.  While I do not pretend to speak for anyone else, for me this coincides with and echoes the birth process; each petal requires about nine months of “time” to open.  Attempts to force our own growth or anyone else’s are like microwaving a living flower to speed blossoming; the flower is lost when its natural process is impeded or interfered with.

Like flowers, we each have a timer within us, an inner wisdom that knows everything which is best for our own particular unfolding. Trusting this, rather than searching outside of us for “expert” advice, is learned behavior, infinitely worth mastering.

Once realization arrives that we have always been perfectly connected with our Source because being disconnected isn’t possible in the first place, we can relax.  From that moment, we can relax and allow!  We can begin to be reacquainted with the Truth of our own Divinity.

Divine Wellness is what we have known forever, and wellness is all we can be or manifest.  Wellness and health begin with a thought, exactly as do accident, disease, pain, and death.  Thoughts are changeable things.  Choose your thoughts, your words, your behaviors and actions.  Choose consciously.  Choose wisely.

In the immortal words of Mr. Spock:

“Live well, and prosper!”


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