When the Shoe Fits…Honoring One’s Own Path

Reiki is one of God’s gifts to us.

What we do with Reiki is our gift to the world.

Lying in bed this morning, enjoying the still quiet, I think of balance and the importance of finding one’s personal balance point. I long ago ceased thinking in terms of “right & wrong”, choosing instead to embrace what fits.  For me, fit entails comfort and functionality, like a favorite pair of shoes, a soft dress that drapes perfectly, a baby’s cherished blankie.  Recognizing what is “mine” and embracing it with all my senses is a function of “ego”, a wonderful function.  It would be impossible to experience distinction from “others” without ego, so individuality would never exist.

Were that the case, we should all be on the same path.  Thankfully, we are not.  We each bring to the table the totality of who and what we are.  This too is our gift to the world.  What it took me a long time to recall is that this is God’s gift to me.

I grew up in a culture where history changed, scriptures changed, and personal information changed when those in charge considered change to be beneficial, desirable, necessary and politically correct. Allow me to cite a couple of examples here, please:

I was born and reared in Mississippi.  I lived there during the era of integration, so I experienced, observed, and witnessed the unfolding events and process of “integration” through the eyes of an idealistic young woman who argued with many others who also lived there;  I did not see integration the same way others there did, of any race.

My grandparents diligently taught me, “Mixed is always best.”  I believed them.  I even occasionally mentioned aloud, very quietly, a concept of ” amalgamation of the races”.  It occurred to me that there might possibly come a time on Earth when racial distinctions would be erased or simply become a non-issue.

Both my grandmothers were Native American.  Both married white men, and at distant locations, each for her own reasons, decided it was safest to be accepted as white and to have white children.  Do I fault them?  Not at all.  They intended to stay alive in a prejudiced world, and they did.

That being said, my perceptions of the events that occurred then were not emotionally charged.  I saw what I saw, and my memory is excellent.  But the hatred that was involved in integration hasn’t resolved; it’s grown more malicious and reversed prejudice abounds.  It hasn’t gone anywhere, and I’ve watched history books literally be rewritten to idolize people who were not only very human, but downright lousy role models for young people to pattern themselves after.

Ditto for my church.  I’ve mentioned being a member of the Mormon church.  For years I kept a worn copy of the Book of Mormon which read, “a white and delightsome people.”  Then Spencer W. Kimball received a revelation that all worthy males were to hold the priesthood; blacks would no longer be excluded from the blessings pertaining to the priesthood.  This was a huge change!  And scriptures were rewritten to read, “pure and delightsome people.”  Books with the original text are increasingly difficult to find.  Many folks don’t even know the original version.

So…I’m accustomed to history being rewritten, and whether it’s done for convenience, political correctness, safety, or to manipulate and control the predominant mass consciousness, I do know it’s been changed.

When I embraced Reiki because of an unquenchable interest in health and healing, I learned what I was taught by a teacher I still respect profoundly.  When she said that Usui received more than the four symbols that are in use today, I didn’t question it.  What I questioned then, and still question now, is what happened to the other symbols that were given to Usui.  Where are those symbols and why were they removed from the mainstream practice of Reiki?

My real question is, was Reiki rewritten and changed because someone along the line decided it was convenient, politically correct, safer when it’s secret, easier to control, or was this decision related directly to profit?  If profit was the motive, who profited?  Who profits now?

My mother always guided me, “When you want to know why things are done, look for the money trail.  Who is getting the money?  Who profits?”

Mind you, this isn’t an accusation in any respect.  I have a legitimate question here, and if anyone can answer this, please share with me!  This is what I really want to know:

Did Usui receive more than four symbols?  If so, where are the other symbols now?  Why were they removed from Reiki?  If this did happen, Usui must be rolling over in his grave!

Being Reiki myself, all symbols and guidance given to me and through me are infinitely valued by me; they are priceless and I would consider it offensive in the extreme should anyone alter, change, modify, sell for profit, or use for other-than-honorable purposes of any kind that which was entrusted to me in a most sacred way.

One principle I KNOW is that by honoring your own path, you also honor mine, and vice versa.  We honor each other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Love, Peace & Joy!

Until next post, Namaste!


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