Usui’s Symbols

As planned, this post is about clearing personal issues arising due to conflicting information, confusion, contention, control issues, misinformation, and missing information in the world wide Reiki community today.

When is it okay to just say, “I don’t know.”  Is it ever okay to refuse to make an issue your personal issue?

Mentioned in the post immediately preceding this one, I’ve recently followed a Reiki forum.  A question is posted there, “Is Reiki Master/Teacher one or two separate levels?”  Comments are nearing the 100 mark.  Discussion has been enlightening, inspiring, and thought provoking.

Thinking back to my own attunement process, I recall what it’s like to be a complete newbie to Reiki.  As noted earlier, I remember the physical body sensations that came with hearing Usui’s name for the first time, the impact of learning that the man fasted for 21-days, counting the days by dropping his supply of 21 stones one stone each day over the precipice where he fasted, and that he received symbols that appeared to him in bubbles of energy.  Our teacher said that he received a number of symbols. How many did he receive?

A bit further into the training, I learned that only four of those original Usui-received symbols are in use today.  What happened to the other symbols?  When and why were those removed from common practice?  Why are they not commonly used now?  Are they recorded and archived somewhere?  Or are they “lost” to modern Reiki, available only in the Akashic Records?

Following the discussion about how many levels there are, I also recall going out into the enormous world when I completed my initial 13 months of Reiki.  There were times when I felt totally inadequate.  I questioned my ability to effectively share Reiki with others.  I even questioned whether or not I had learned the same Reiki that Usui fathered. At a point, I contacted Fran Brown.  After three conversations with her, she said, “You are fine.  You don’t need to be reattuned.  You are already attuned.”

Most of us share possession of unquenchable eagerness and willingness to make it right. But first, please find out whether there is anything wrong with your training!

If you are now seeking the perfect teacher for you, ask an abundance of questions.  Do everything within your own power to clearly understand where prospective teachers are coming from. Ask how many attunements are given at each level.  Ask how many levels are given.  Be certain you understand.  Write down the answers to your questions so you can refer to them later.

If you’ve already had attunements, you are in a very different position.  Verify that you’ve received the appropriate symbols for your level of study, that you know how to draw them precisely and what their uses are.  If you’ve paid for completion of the master level and still have questions about passing attunements or anything else regarding your training, contact the person who trained you.  This does not always produce acceptable results, so be willing to seek out a trustworthy, well-trained teacher to discuss what your particular needs are.  Also, get second or third opinions. You’ll know within you when you get the right information; you’ll experience that “click”.  It feels “right” when it is right.

There are many times many variations in the teaching of Reiki.  At one end of the spectrum, some offer Reiki attunement by distance.  (I personally do not recommend this.)  At the other end, there are teachers who require apprenticeship of various periods of time, as well as writing your own manuals, extensive documented hands-on practice, and more.  And prices vary tremendously.

Eventually I reached a point, and this was personal for me, where the hazy history of Reiki became a non-issue.  When I verified to my own satisfaction that the Usui attunements, symbols, and practices I was using are indeed authentic, my choice was to devote my time to practice rather than seeking to document “facts”.  Again, this is a personal choice, and it is not for everyone.

I am not interested in converting, convincing, or selling anyone else on the notion that my path is a better path or the only path. I’m not seeking a following or a fan club.

What I AM interested in is assisting other Reiki enthusiasts to eagerly seek their own true paths.  We each bring into physical life the unique totality of all our experiences to this point.  Each one is a unique vessel for Reiki; each one expresses Reiki through her/his individual, personal essence.  And each one is free to perceive me through his own personal perceptual field and vision. Everything is in divine and perfect order.  All-That-Is is as it is supposed to be.

What difference could it possibly make whether you receive(d) three or four levels of Usui, so long as you have the real thing? Would you really rather question your training, which, by the way, is likely perfect for you and your process, even when you choose to redo it?  Or, do you truly prefer to live and practice Reiki 24/7, every moment of your life, from now on?  It is your choice!

If and when you allow it, the energy itself will teach you all you could ever ask or desire!  I guarantee it!

That’s it, in a nutshell!  Oh!  By the way, how many symbols did Usui receive?  What happened to them?  Why are they not all in use today?


Until next post, Namaste!


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