Accessing the Divine Sacred

I’ve recently followed a lively Reiki discussion which has been inspiring, to say the least.  It always amazes me to witness the choices made by many individuals who are all given the identical raw material to work with.

This discussion brought to mind the remembrance of my maternal grandmother pulling a chair up to her kitchen stove, placing its back against the oven for safety, showing me the cabinets, fridge, pots, and utensils, and saying firmly, “You cook.”  She left the kitchen.  I was three years old.

That was my instruction about how to cook.  Given the raw materials and my own abilities, I figured it out!  Ask anybody who knows me.  I love to cook and people love the food my hands prepare.

Grandmother taught me not only how to cook.  She taught me how to live and how to learn.

It has been so with Reiki.  Once initiated, we each have the identical raw material to work with.  Individual choices are amazing.

I think of all the gifts I’ve known, gifts I’ve given, gifts I’ve received, and gifts I’ve observed in the world around me. Some people don’t appear to recognize gifts; theirs are never opened. Some open their gifts, then never use them.  Those who use them are free to do with their gifts whatever they choose.  Rarely, there are children who treasure their gifts, love them throughout their lives, and eventually master them, perhaps discovering innovative uses, functions, designs, and applications for their particular gifts.

In my life, Reiki is a gift, an incredible raw material to learn about, to observe the workings of, to play with, and hopefully to master. What can be accomplished with this energy?  Thus far, ULFE appears boundless, endless, and limitless, conforming to our individual abilities and intelligence, being limited only by our ingenuity in using it.  We are vessels for this energy, conduits, transformers and transmitters, as well as transducers.  It fills us completely to the extent of our own capacities.

Many see Reiki as a healing modality.  It is.  It is also more than that.  Reiki is amazing, awesome, the essence of freedom, inspirational, miraculous, reverential and spiritual.  Reiki has brought into my life bliss, clarity, freedom, growth, joy, laughter, love, openness, profound peace, sweetness, and wisdom divine. Reiki has brought me the gift of the possibility of optimal development and growth at a deep personal level.  And these words are only a tiny, insufficient expression of what Reiki means to me.

Reiki is a spiritual path.  Because of Reiki, I now have some concept of personal perfection.  Will I ever be perfect?  🙂 Well, there is a guiding part of me that already is perfect.  Clue:  It isn’t my ego or my reasoning mind. What I’m referring to is the divine inner part of me that I’m getting to know.  My intention is to step back and allow this Divine Self to live through this fleshly body, to act and speak through this form.

It matters very little whether we call this the High Self, the I AM Presence, Inner Guidance, God, or the Super-Conscious.  All that matters is that we mindfully connect with this ever-available aspect of consciousness and master the art of allowing it to function in our own lives.

Reiki heals us first!  Attuned to Reiki, we have available to us an intense, thorough healing process of our own to experience. Participating in the healing of others may or may not be part of our process.  This is incidental, individual, and matters little when we see the big picture.

Reiki is an opportunity to become all we can be!  Remember that image of the armed services ad?  BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

Dare I be so bold as to respectfully suggest that it matters not at all whether you receive Usui attunements in three levels or four? What actually matters is that you receive the gift of Reiki. Cherish, honor and treasure your gift.

If you question whether or not you’ve actually received Usui attunement, please check with someone who is qualified to tell you if your symbols are the four currently in use today, which were originally received by Usui.  Show them how you do an attunement.  Check and double check if you’re uncertain about your attunement and training.  If you didn’t already receive what you want, rectify it.  Any practicing, qualified master will most likely be delighted to assist, and you’re likely to have a good laugh about why this issue is in your life!  Then settle down and get with your process.

Reiki is our access to the sacred and the divine within our SELVES! There is no greater gift.  It matters not at all whether or not we receive attunement in three levels or four, only that what we receive is genuine, and that we make the most of it.

It matters what we do with the gift.


The next post will most likely be about what happened to Usui’s other symbols.

Until then, Namaste.


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