By Any Other Name….

I AM the Same

Earlier this evening I spent some brief time perusing comments on Reiki forums.  I always have mixed responses to the questions I find there, from utter disbelief to deep belly laughter.  Very occasionally I leave a comment myself.  Today was no different, except that I’m writing now.

Today’s question was about non-vegetarians being Reiki practitioners.  A while back there was a thread about smokers being practitioners.  And of course the eternal 3 or 4 attunements to mastery in the Usui system!  Is this for real, or are you all playing with me???  Are these questions what you really want to know about Reiki???

For almost 18 years now, my day begins and ends with gratitude, meditation & self-treatment.  Get it!  The first person to heal is SELF!!!!!  When that is complete, I doubt very much whether you will still have any interest in the habits and lifestyles of anyone else.

A while back I posted a small article about the history of Reiki. Somebody felt offended when I mentioned that Reiki has very ancient origins.  She posted elsewhere that Reiki originated ca. 1922 and that Mikao Usui is the one who originated it.  Well!

Usui is the one who named the energy we all know and love; he named it Reiki, Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy, because he was Japanese.  He wouldn’t have named it a non-Japanese name.

I do believe that Universal Life Force Energy has been around for use by human beings on this planet since the Earth was formed. And Earth was not the first planet ever formed.  This energy we use is the same energy that is literally the Source of every form and material in all existence; that’s why it’s called ULFE.  It’s God substance, Divine Energy, whatever.  All the same.  And it’s been around FOREVER!

So…it’s somewhat difficult for me to swallow that for all the eons since the formation of the Earth, no one on this planet ever used the energy here until Usui “originated” Reiki.  And of course, no one on any other inhabited planet ever thought to use the energy either.  After all, we Earthlings are the most intelligent beings and species in all existence, right?

You don’t have to believe me!  I’m not trying to convince you or sell you on the idea.  All I’m asking is that you give me a break here.  Believe what you want to believe and allow me to do the same!

Point being, if you’re still struggling with the habit thing or if you are bogged down with ritual and rules, please do your thing!  I would never take your process away from you.  But please, PLEASE, allow me to use my God-given brain, mind, talents, and abilities!  Dare I say, intelligence.  I so prefer to think for myself, even though you may be convinced that I make an occasional mistake.  Please don’t try to save me! And please stop trying to correct me!  The only person you ever need to correct is, you guessed it, YOU!

You are welcome to disagree with me, and I certainly expect you to set the standards for your own practice.  Just allow me to do the same and please don’t judge me.  I AM on the path that is perfect for me.

The posts that stirred the Reiki pot are Gratitude, Joy, and the Origins of Reiki and More about the Origins of Reiki.  It was not my intention to cause discord.  My sincerest apologies! It’s fine with me if it makes anyone feel better when I say, “This is my opinion.”  It is my long-contemplated, studied, and thoughtful opinion that Universal Life Force Energy and its uses did not originate with Mikao Usui, although he most certainly put together a system that will be in use for many years to come!  We all have much to thank him for.

Over the years I have read many books about Reiki and its origins. I often question what I read.  Most often I simply demand direct knowledge of what I’m determined to know, meditate, and tap into the Consciousness that is available for all of us to access.  I’ve found the answers there that ring true to me.

Once again, to all those who read and support this blog, my sincerest gratitude!  My greatest hope is that we all live and practice with utmost integrity, which of course includes speaking our truth, especially when others disagree with us, or when they believe they do.


All comments and questions are welcome!  Until next post, Namaste!


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