For My Grandsons


Viewing this, I completely comprehend the deep sadness and shame of this young man, as well as the courage and determination required to speak the UNDENIABLE TRUTH! Understand, I’ve always been a complete wimp!  I don’t enjoy confrontation or speaking up.  In fact, I’ve been known to hide my head in the sand a couple of times, not the most effective way of living, nor of dealing with what our inner integrity won’t allow us to suffer in silence.

If you’re like me, you wake up every morning with the hope that the day goes smoothly.  You focus on every loved one being healthy and happy.  This becomes our oft-repeated mantra.

When things appear out of line with this desire, there is immediate work done to recreate the smoothness and ease of the “divine ideal”.  For me, for many of us, energy work is one of the foremost aspects of conscious awareness and daily activity.  It is our automatic first line of defense, our go-to treatment for every emergency, every accident, every wound.  We don’t even think about it, we just do it!

We are all born into this physicality, bringing with us much of who we are here from the literal source of our being.  It is my belief that our conscience and our integrity come directly from this divine part of us; we are born with it.  And…we dare not shut away this part of us.  Our very lives often depend upon our giving this personal divinity a voice!

Recently we are all confronted with unacceptable actions and situations looming right in our faces.  For me, this began in earnest on 09/11.  Since that day, the frequency and intensity of shocks to our consciousness have been increasing dramatically.  Even the quietest, most peaceful of us can no longer keep completely silent.

So, here we have a former soldier, stepping up to voice his personal shame and disillusion about what he was actually fighting for.  How many do you know who express similar disenchantment, even disgust, with what we are being asked to support and swallow?  And breathe!

One of the toughest things for me was hearing Mr. Obama’s televised promise that the gulf beaches would be made better than ever before! That was the moment when I finally broke and wept.  For me, that was when things were not okay anymore.

When I viewed the above video, I identified with the women and children being torn from their homes rather than with the current “leaders” of our once-proud nation.  When I look at these public figures, when I hear the lies pour so easily from their smiling lips, I no longer feel any sense of pride about the United States as it is today.  I wish there were someplace else to go, and I’m still here.

Long accustomed to pulling the wool over admiring American eyes and an ever-available crop of 18-year-old boys ready to do or die for their country and American honor, our leaders have always laughed all the way to the bank.  My mother told me many times to always look to where the money is going.  Who is profiting?  Not our young men who selflessly risk life, limb, and any chance they might ever have for true peace.

Damage occurs in many ways to a human being.  Damage to one’s spirit may be the worst of all wounds.  How can anyone ever live with going against his own conscience and integrity because he is being paid and ordered to do so?  By people and governments that count him without value.

I ask today, who values your life?  Who values the lives of your husbands, wives, children, and loved ones?  Who values your health and well-being?  Who places top value on YOU???

When I look around, I see a crop of human beings ripe to harvest. Who is ready to harvest you?  Will it be someone who loves you unconditionally and knows that YOU ARE WORTH EVERYTHING! Or will you fall under the wheels of corporations and governments who value you only as some usable commodity that creates and allows profit for themselves?

Do I have answers?  I wish I could tell you the answers!  What I have is the ability to do energy work night and day, 24/7, for as long as I live and breathe!!!  Things have to change!  Things are changing.  I’m seeing many, many, many people standing together, speaking their TRUTH, no longer willing to be blindly exploited, and deciding that the people who are responsible for polluting our Earth and the consciousness of her inhabitants either get with the program or lose every power they have had to this point!  We, the people, are peacefully and firmly taking our POWER back NOW!!!!!

I guess that’s the main point of this post.  We can view current circumstances as something we cannot successfully alter, or we can all stand together and take back our COLLECTIVE POWER as human beings, as divine human beings who are in place here to accomplish exactly that!

I heartily and unequivocally recommend the fervent practice of Ho’oponopono!  We will never bring about an era of Golden Peace unless we do so peacefully and lovingly!  Please do whatever energy work you are best at.  Please release whatever is unacceptable, then work to replace it with something truly magnificent!  This is the only way we will get this done.

Love to all!


Until next post, Namaste!



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