The Truth about the BP Oil Slick

As I viewed this video today, the decision was made to share some excerpts from my recent channelings.  Normally I’m very reluctant to do this, but I reread these particular sessions just a couple of hours prior to receiving the video so I knew something was coming down the pipe that was pertaining to current events.

I do have one request, please:  Everyone who can assist these beings to the LIGHT and make their experience one of JOY and PEACE rather than confusion and distress, please MAKE IT SO!

08 May 2010:  I AM Aritrea.  I’ve been with you since the very beginning of your channeling.  I embody & express the feminine aspect(s) of consciousness primarily, yet I AM perfectly balanced. My primary focus & function is the development of human consciousness.  I observe as well as assist.  I AM here to learn, yet I learn from teaching mostly.

The role of observer suits me perfectly and affords me much expansion.  I AM most effective on my own, but I AM in constant cooperative interaction with many, many others, a myriad of whom function to create and maintain perfect physical forms, including your bodies.  The Earth herself is upgrading physically and consciously, one result of which is the phasing out of death, illness, and pain.  These are not optimal learning tools, thus the phase out.

Three divisions are forming NOW.  Perhaps “divisions” is not the best term here.  Three expressions, foci, and functions are forming now within the entirety of human consciousness on this planet.  As like attracts like, consciousness here is amassing in three distinct groupings.

The first tier to manifest clearly will be much like old Earth consciousness with some regression/reversion to even older, outdated consciousness. Poverty, greed, and violence prevail, as well as sharp male/female delineations.  This includes the consciousness of “fighting” in order to make things right.

The second tier will be technology-based consciousness masquerading as spirit, pseudospiritual forms having no true Spirituality at all. Money and rejection of spiritual TRUTH group in this tier.  Ego and technology are employed in the effort to make everything right.

The third tier is Spirit-based full consciousness perfectly connected to nature.  Technology, while available, is a tool, nothing more. Divine, Infinite Abundance & Supply, true reverence for All Life and All-That-Is, Peace, Love, Joy, and Harmony as well as deep, conscious interconnectedness of ALL comprise the expression, focus, and function in this grouping.  Here there is Perfect Trust that Divine Love makes all things right.

Now, all of this does not come about in an instant.  The first grouping is already formed, for all intents and purposes.  This is a matter of resonance and vibration; you cannot attract what does not resonate with you.

The second and third groupings are somewhat less clear at this present point.  These begin with much in common, at least in terms of appearance and terminology.  The groupings become completely clear when the inner workings of the heart are considered.  When the focus is primarily upon nature and technology is a tool and nothing more, this is where these two groupings begin to form clear delineations.

Think of health.  The truth is, perfect health is attainable from within, with only the direction of the I AM Presence.  The goal here is to phase out death, illness, accident, and pain.  Many are headed in this direction.  Not all have arrived at this point. Medical technology is helpful only when it is a step toward true mastery, where the body becomes the self-healing entity it was always intended to be.

Herbs, plants, water, and light, both daytime and nighttime, are plentifully supplied here, as well as the inner direction and divine wisdom to care for the body so that it functions fully as originally intended. Medical science and technology are not the same as Divine Wisdom and fully activated body consciousness.  Learned reliance upon medical technology is not easily or rapidly overcome for everyone.  Trust in the divine design of the human form must be cultivated and consciously nurtured to fullness.  This may require more than one lifetime for many, as their current embodiments may not be committed to completing this step toward full ascension.

09 May 2010:  Physical Earth changes are likely to be greater and more drastic than anyone is actually prepared for.  However, physical preparations offer very little insofar as safety, supply, and survival are concerned.  The best guarantee of survival is meditation as well as perfect connection with Nature and one’s own I AM Presence.

So long as you worship your own I AM Presence and revere Nature, you are guaranteed physical survival in the third cluster of consciousness.

26 May 2010:  11:05 AM EDT:  Much of what you have experienced and known to this point is about to disappear.  Please do not try to keep anyone or any living being embodied.



Until next post, beloved family & friends.  Namaste!


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