Divine Perception: Seeing Through the Eyes of Love


“Seek harmony in all that you do.  I AM harmony.”  Babaji

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!”

Matthew 5: 8

The pure in heart do see God.  They see God in everyone and in everything.

Purity creates perfection.  From the point where purity is realized, it is possible to see only perfection, divine beauty, Godliness and righteousness, because these are all that exist in Greater Reality.

Purity allows the perceiver to see and know the divinity that is really present, and since we are all created in the image of God, it is not possible to see anything in others except Divine Perfection.

One of my favorite “teachers” ever, who has been with me for the past ten years, is fond of saying and teaching that what we perceive in others is only a reflection of some quality or characteristic within us.  Therefore, when we perceive anything less than perfection, we are the ones who have something to work on, and it’s ourselves!

Psychologists call this ability to externalize “transference” or “projection”.  This is an ego function.  In very simple terms, we see in another person what we cannot presently face in ourselves.

Long ago, I taught a student who said to me, “You may be fat and ugly, but your stuff works!”  At that time, I did know we were dealing with the student’s perception.  The same student also told me, “You were the one who received it, but I am the one who is meant to take it public.”  Ah, the distortions of ego!

So…my question to you today is, what do you see when you look at another person? As you answer that, to your SELF please, consider that if you are “seeing” anything less than perfection, there is something within you to work on.

This Earth and this lifetime exist for the purpose of ridding ourselves of ego and false ego, insofar as is possible.  The guides do teach about ego, indeed they do. Mostly, though, they create learning modules designed to rid their charges of ego.

They differentiate between ego and EGO.  Little ego is an undesirable culprit that requires us to perceive differences between ourselves and others.  Without it, we could not distinguish what is us or what is them, we could not have individual experiences, and we could not set boundaries.  Ego also results in the us vs. them mentality, as well as fear, greed, and the belief that “there is not enough for everyone”.

Thankfully, there is another type of ego that comes into play at maturity, for those who choose it.  The guides call this Divine Ego. It replaces little ego as the student/seeker advances up the ladder of developmental consciousness.

Games of one-upmanship end at this point, as the individual brings forth what is within, according to the inner spirit of that individual. Imitation of another becomes unsatisfactory and ceases.

“Do not imitate, be strong, be upright.  Do not lean on the crutches of others.  Think with your own head.  Be  yourself.”

Divine Ego allows and intensifies individual experience, as well as gifting the receiver with perfect perception of the divine in everyone.  With the development of Divine Ego, it becomes impossible to perceive another as “lesser” or “inferior”.  Instead, we perceive that WE ALL COME FROM THE SAME SOURCE. We are all made from the same substance, cut from the same cloth, so to speak.  Try as we might, the substance remains the same.  All we can do here is to qualify the original substance.  So we begin to make choices.

The initial choice, of course, is a set of parents.  I had three sets of parents from which to select my physical birth parents.  I chose them from the lovely colors of their combined auras while they were in intimate contact.  Not exactly rocket science, is it?  I have to smile now when I recall this.

Our physical energy is consciously structured from the energy of our physical parents, primarily from the mother’s energy since we literally grow inside her bubble.  Depending upon how much time our father spends hanging around, some of us take on his energy as well.

Almost without realizing it, we find ourselves with beliefs, ideas, thoughts, words, and emotions that appear to be ours.  We’ve taken them directly from our mother parent, mostly, with our father contributing a bit to some of us.

It’s likely that, for many years, we think it’s all us, when what has actually happened is that, by choosing a specific mother, we took on every quality in her aura.  This works great when we see “mother” in a positive light, and not so great when we observe or perceive “negativity” or undesirable qualities in our mom.

One of my first intense memories is realizing that my mother lied to another person. I’m sure she had no idea of the impact this had on me.  I know she never even thought of it as a true lie, but more like a “fib”.

We were looking for a pet.  Mom found a cat in the newspaper. We drove to look at the cat.  Mom told the lady there we would come back later.  We didn’t.  I had tremendous difficulty with that and wondered for years why Mom didn’t just tell the lady that we didn’t want the cat.

Young children are here direct from Source and are perfectly attuned to Truth, Love, and Rightness.  Anything less than that and they experience intense processing in an attempt to fuse their physical experience with the Divine which is more real to them than any physical experience will ever be.

I’m including this here today in these blog posts for all those who were ever abused as children.  Even if you were only confused, this is for you.  Those of you who experienced severe, life-threatening abuse, this is especially for you.

As a baby, one cannot escape the truth of Divine Love.  Attempting to fuse the Divine with abuse and danger very often results in some version of dissociative disorder, perhaps as severe as MPD, schizophrenia, sociopathy, or psychopathy.  At the very least, the growing personality is left with a level of dysfunction.

We do not lose our purity when we are abused.  Instead, we lose normal function and/or sanity.  Loss of purity comes from our own actions, not from the actions of others.

The rub for me came as I slowly realized the differences between my perceptions and perspectives and those of others.  As a child, there was no veil.  I had tremendous difficulty recognizing “yours”, “mine”, and sharing vs. stealing.  In Greater Reality, these concepts and boundaries don’t exist.

Ownership has been a particularly difficult concept for me to grasp.  In fact, it seems downright silly since it’s such a temporary condition here on Earth.  Stewardship is a much easier-to-grasp concept in my opinion.

Stewardship, as I understand it, means that I AM entrusted with specific items, knowledge, and forms.  I AM entrusted with their care, control, distribution, handling, management, and sharing and disbursement.  Everything I AM given from the Divine is in my complete power and control, and I AM the one who is responsible for all these things.

This means, dear hearts, that no one else is free to step into my domain and assume control of my spiritual gifts and what I AM given.  I AM somewhat assuming here, you see , that you would have a problem if I were to step into your home and tell you I would be taking it, that although you built it, live in it, and love it, it was actually always meant for me and I AM the real owner. You can leave ASAP, please.  And don’t come back!  EVER!

Although it is nigh impossible to adequately describe my feelings regarding spiritual gifts and stewardship, for those of you who are addicted to physical forms and material success, the paragraph above may possibly give you accurate, adequate comprehension.

Let’s assume for a moment that God/Spirit is All-Knowing and Divinely Wise, and gives each of us exactly what is appropriate, best, perfect, and right for us.  This is what I believe.  You are free to believe whatever you choose.

Let’s also assume that God/Spirit did not make a mistake in giving one material/financial blessings and another spiritual gifts. Why should one decide that the other is misusing or likely to misuse what has been bestowed?  Why should either decide the other hasn’t enough wisdom to best utilize what has been given?

My real question is, why would anyone, at any time, presume to judge another spirit being, even one in physical embodiment?  It makes no sense.  It never did.  “Just remember, when you point the finger, you have all the other fingers pointing back at you.”

Years ago, I had a beloved friend.  He is no longer with us here in the physical.  He believed I had rejected him physically because he considered himself obese.  He never “got” that I was celibate, have been for many years.

Over the years, I’ve pretended many times to be sexually active. If you don’t understand why, try explaining celibacy to a medical person who is evaluating you!  Have fun with this!  It is a real hoot!

Anyway, my friend made himself quite angry and decided to be vindictive.  BTW, I still consider him my friend.

One of the results of his actions was that other people I loved began to treat me “differently”.  I never bothered to explain anything.  They knew me well, intimately, in fact.  It seemed reasonable to me that they would know they were not hearing the truth.

Instead, I had the experience of observing those I loved deeply behaving as if there were something wrong with me. The treatment I received is something I have no desire to repeat.

I chose to let them go, without any effort to correct whatever was going on.  At the same time, I threw away my last pair of rose-colored glasses.

I still love them.  I still hold them in the LIGHT.  And I always hold them at a distance.  Because, what if it’s true that the most accurate indicator of future behavior is past behavior?

”I only came here to give. If you come to doubt, I’ll give you reason to doubt.  ‘If you come suspicious, I’ll give you every reason to be suspicious. But if you come seeking love, I’ll show you more love than you’ve ever known.”

The “destructive” Shiva aspect of God was actually an extremely intense vibration of love that passed unharmed through objects of a similar love nature but, also, destroyed immediately all that was of a low vibration — greed, cruelty or selfishness, for instance. And it seemed that Babaji’s designation of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ as a protective mantra now made sense. If the Vedantic conception about mantras was correct and repeating this mantra evoked the Shiva aspect of God in a person, then he would naturally remain unharmed when the Shiva-energy passed through him, since that very energy would already be present within.

Many people in this world are very treacherous. It is in the best interest of the world to remove these treacherous people.A certain amount of destruction is necessary. It is in the best interest of mankind and the world at large.


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