Reiki: Path to Perfection






(Whatever quality I desire in others or in the world) BEGINS WITH(in) ME!

Over the years, my view of Reiki has altered dramatically and most unexpectedly.  Following the beginning of my own attunement process, I eagerly sprang forward to “teach” whomever desired to learn Reiki.  At that point, I was of the notion that Reiki was a healing methodology, so I set out to assist others who wanted to be involved in “healing” others with health problems.  Being a huge fan of Christ, I had developed a “heal the sick” mentality that was a lot of what I was sharing then.  I was a fixer and a caretaker.

Along the way, even early on, I realized that Reiki is primarily about self-healing as well as conscious connection to one’s SELF, to one’s own I AM Presence.  The primary function of Reiki is individual personal growth and perfection; these can come through attunement, and also must be sought after.

As I observed the wonderful people I was teaching, one seemed especially eager to follow in what she believed were my footsteps. That’s when I stopped teaching in order to gain further understanding of what to offer Reiki enthusiasts.

I had begun teaching like so many others do, I suppose.  I do love sharing! But as I observed what I was sharing, it became apparent that I had a divine responsibility to share something more than hand positions and how-to’s for creating a thriving Reiki practice.

It’s also a FREEDOM thing!  Everyone deserves freedom from long, overdone classes and hours of practicing techniques that often take the focus away from what is really happening, that the individual who receives attunement does experience a life-changing, intense personal growth process.

So…when I went on hiatus to determine my own path with Reiki, LIGHT DAWNED as light always does.  I realized that what I value most is freedom, as well as spontaneity, being ever in-the-flow, and joy.

When I returned to “teaching”, Reiki had become play!  I had determined to allow playfulness into the attunement process, as well as to consciously, mindfully honor the sacredness of the process and the divine nature of each receiver.  By tuning into each receiver in preparation for her/his attunement, a conscious connection is made with the receiver’s individual process and what will benefit her/him most.  This is done during a small ceremony or ritual prior to the actual attunement.  During the ceremony, a set of attunement symbols is presented for that particular receiver.  Then during the attunement, those symbols are given.

Before beginning to do this preparatory ceremony, I just kind of assumed that exactly what was best for each receiver would flow during the attunement.  And it did!  No question about it.  I was whipping out attunements to individual students and in groups. Thankfully, I did pause to think about the entire process and what I was actually offering.

The added formality of ceremony, however brief, sets a clearer intention to honor the everyone’s divinity, that of the receiver, the initiator, and the masters, as well as the attunement process itself. My intention is that each person find her/his own niche in the world of Reiki, and the personal path most joyous!

I no longer “teach” Reiki.  Today I do what I AM uniquely qualified to do.  I attune others to Reiki so they can pursue their own processes.  I AM adept, even expert, at creating and bestowing attunements which are designed for the individual receiver.

In honor and respect for Dr. Usui, I’ve always included his symbols for attunement, even when working with small children.  It’s a lineage thing, his and mine.  I owe him more than I can say with words.

I also honor and respect the awesome woman who attuned me and my daughter, Angela.  Belinda Eaton Sharp (then Hymas) originated and founded a system that she calls Light Therapy, Christ being The Light, of course.  Right up my alley!

But my True Teacher and Initiator is Christ Himself.  Through Him, all that I AM now has come, and all that I now have has been freely, lovingly given.

While I continue to be available upon request for consults, question & answer sessions, and treatments, I now honor my own life as my personal work of art.  Enjoying my life is the first priority!  I know of no better way of showing my gratitude to the Universe and ALL-THAT-IS than to joyously and reverently make the most of each now moment!

To all those who have inquired about my own personal process, huge thanks!  All who choose Reiki, and all chosen by Reiki, embark upon a miraculous path!  Congratulations to all of you!  BE TRUE TO YOUR OWN DIVINE SELF!

Until next post, then.  Namaste!!!


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