A New Beginning

“For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”

The Book of Moses 1:39


“Take care that in all thy busy-making, thou doest not forget thy Father, lest in the day when the honey is consumed, thou art cast away with the comb.

“For those whose hearts turn not in love to the Father are as noxious weeds unfit to nourish; they are as tares.  On the threshing floor, these shall be bound and burned with the chaff.

“Give thanks constantly in all things, in every situation, for all shall be to thy good and shall strengthen thee.  Fear not!  Thou shalt be sustained and supported throughout thy Earthly sojourn and be made perfect through all thy fleshly experiences.

“Keep the commandments so that thy Spirit and thy body are filled with the Joy of the Lord, and His Peace shall reign supreme in thy Heart and in thy mind.  Inasmuch as thou doest keep thine eye singly upon the Father, though all about you may falter and fall, shake mightily and fall away into the void, though the rushing wind seek to beat down upon thee and floods rise up to buffet thee, thou shalt be borne upright, lovingly held firm by His Mighty Angels who are given charge over thee.  They dare not to leave thee or desert thee, for they are bound by my Word to care for thee, even to the smallest detail.  They shall not fail thee!

“As thou doest know me, thou knowest my endless LOVE to thee and to thy loved ones.  Thou art my BELOVED, and I AM THAT I AM.  This is my promise and my Word to thee.  So it is, now and forever, eternally.

“Refrain from asking what will be in the future, but live each day in Perfect Faith and Perfect Trust, knowing that all thy needs and desires are perfectly fulfilled.  For as thou hast faith, as thou doest live in faith and proclaim gratitude that all good and perfect things are eagerly, lovingly provided unto thee for thy use and benefit, so it is done!”

This quote is from a private collection of scriptures, and is given here as a comfort to all who have ears to hear.


My maternal grandmother used to tell me that I would live to see the end of the world.  Through the years, I often wondered if she meant that the world would end completely and be gone, or was she talking about the end of the world as we’ve known it.

My maternal grandparents raised me, fed me, spent time with me, and taught me much of what I know.  They fished, harvested and hunted what they needed for themselves and their family, and they cared deeply for the land, preserving it in its pristine natural condition.

Oil was discovered on their land when I was very small.  I still recall the tears of despair they wept when salt water was released and ruined several acres of trees, grazing land, and the creek that was once bountifully filled with fish.  Although they built and stocked four beautiful ponds, they never completely got over the devastation of our family land.  They said, always, the money wasn’t worth what we had lost.

When they signed the documents giving permission for wells to be drilled on their land, they did not understand and were not informed in advance that the oil wells would almost certainly destroy the natural ecosystem of their beloved land.  They complained and requested cleanup.  The oil companies would not, could not restore the land to its natural condition. They did not have the ability to restore the land, nor were they interested in doing so.  They had what they took dishonorably, the petroleum beneath the surface.  There was no interest in restoration or any kind of fair settlement.

My grandparents were left with their grief, and of course, a bit of money for their loss.  It was a bitter experience for them.  Today I especially treasure the memories of their hung heads and flowing tears of grief.  They taught me something I need to know and recall now.

Recently I’ve seen that same grief and re-experienced the same devastation via the news, viewing reports of damage to the Gulf Coast caused by current active oil spill(s), along with interviews of those who have lived and worked there all their lives.  There is a sense of hopelessness and loss almost too great to bear.

During my childhood and early adulthood, the Gulf was my playground!  From Raceland, LA, through Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL, to Destin and Fort Walton Beach, FL, I reveled in the divine beauty of turquoise water that was so clear I could readily see a dime on the sand 14 feet below my float.  It was glorious.

I’m absolutely done with hearing how much money BP has spent for cleanup!  BS! What cleanup?????  Yesterday, I began hearing broadcasts that the British blame us, the residents of the US and the Gulf Coast area, for the money problems BP is experiencing! Poor oil companies!  Poor BP!

The only way the Gulf will ever be clean again is for those of us who love it to clean it ourselves!  What are our choices?  We can either give up now and quit, or we can seize this opportunity to make urgently needed changes to protect and preserve what we cherish beyond measure, our lands and wetlands, our seas, the wildlife, our livelihoods, and our sanity.

Will it be enough?  I wish I knew!  If we all unite in determination to keep what is dear to us and refuse to allow its destruction, we can accomplish a lot.  Perhaps most importantly, we stand together as one voice to say clearly, “No, this is too much!  This is ours, and you can’t come here and take it away!  We’ve had more than enough!  This stops now!”

In all honesty, I question whether we can accomplish even this. I’ve become uncomfortably aware of many in Louisiana who may be begging for offshore drilling in the Gulf to resume.  They express concern that if the ban on drilling is not lifted, their local economy will be completely destroyed.

My greatest hope and desire is that, through all this, we become ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, one in heart and mind, and that we stand together AS ONE, unwilling to settle for anything less than having all this made 100% RIGHT!

For this, right now, is our opportunity to become ONE here on Earth, and to create together the best of new beginnings!  This Earth is ours.  Ours to love, ours to protect, ours to preserve and keep!  To all those who support this blog, my eternal thanks!  The finest blessings be upon thee!  Namaste!


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