Day 53

When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

Cree Prophecy

Every energy worker I know has been working on the Gulf oil spill nonstop since April 20th.  So many are experiencing confusion, disappointment, disillusion, and loss of faith, it’s necessary to comment here.

Most of us have known for many years that we are living in a truly special place and time, and that we are here now to assist with changing human consciousness. I read a good friend’s blog today; her bumper sticker says, “Save the humans.” That’s what we are all intending to do.

Of all sea creatures, dolphins have always been my favorite!  I love their playfulness, their nonjudgmental, unconditional love, and their perfect blend of spirit with intelligence.  More than that, I’ve always known that they possess and live in Christ Consciousness.

Every being experiencing the devastating effects of pollution in the Gulf has made the choice of conscious participation in this Cosmic event.  That’s their gift to us and to the Earth.  Lacking their selfless example, how else can humans who value profit more than Life open their hearts and change within themselves?

If the dolphins value us this much, who are we to devalue ourselves?

We humans have had many years and many lifetimes to make the changes that are necessary for our beloved planet to survive and thrive, yet many have refused to make those changes on our own, usually preferring to hang onto what we know in our hearts cannot possibly produce health, well-being, or the highest good for anyone.  We resist change.  Now that change is urgently necessary and the choice to develop ourselves in a leisurely fashion is being taken from us.

So…our dolphin brothers and sisters, along with other creatures of the sea,  have stepped up the plate to make a massive sacrifice that no one can deny or refuse to see.  It’s literally in our faces, the pollution and heartless disregard for our precious planet and all her beautiful life forms, mirroring our own culpability.

Do you use gasoline?  Then you are creating the demand that resulted in the drilling that destroys Earth’s ecosystem.  Are you truly willing to give up the use of gasoline?

Who owns stock in BP, Halliburton, or Transocean?  Ditto!

I haven’t always been the most popular person.  Many have considered that I must be absolutely insane to make the decisions I’ve made.  I haven’t owned a gasoline-powered vehicle since April of 1996.  Getting used to this was a bit uncomfortable, but I’m happy with the choice.

I’ve experimented with gardening and living outdoors.  I highly recommend that everyone grow something.  Put energy into living forms.  They do love you!

In November 2009, I decided to live without money.  Honestly, at first I thought it would be just another experiment, but I love what is happening with my conscious development!  At this time, I have no plans to resume dependence on monetary income.  Being supplied directly by Source is divinely satisfying and peaceful.  I’m experiencing Abundance in a whole new way.  My kitchen, pantry, and fridge are overflowing with more food than ever before, so much that I’ve begun to consider opening a food pantry of some sort.  I recently had to remove about half my clothes from the overstuffed closet.

Now, I want to be really clear here.  I’m not suggesting or encouraging anyone else to walk my same path or to make the same choices I’ve made.  Each person has her/his own path, and you know when you are on yours!  Your heart sings with JOY, even when the path seems impossible!

What I AM saying is, everyone can do something!  And…we are all responsible for what is happening in the Gulf. No finger-pointing allowed!  I completely accept the Ho’oponopono teaching that whatever is in my awareness, I AM 100% responsible!

We can do this, people!  We can make the difference! What would likely happen if each of us embraces 100% responsibility for everything in our personal awareness? I believe we would change not only the world, but all consciousness everywhere, as well!

All together now, one, two, three, say to your I AM Presence:

1.     I love you!

2.     I’m sorry.

3.     Please forgive me.

4.     Thank you!

My deepest gratitude for all the love and support I receive each moment.  You are a beloved part of my life.  Thank you for always being here for me.

Until next blog, Namaste!


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