Good Morning!

I love the early morning quiet before everyone else wakes up! This has been my lifelong habit, but since my own children were infants and I had to plan “me time” for the first time ever, it’s been a godsend. Now I have an accumulation of memories from many mornings through the years.

Clean, cool, crisp beauty greets me today. Lush, vivid greens embrace my senses, especially welcome right now. It’s the 38th day of the oil spill in the gulf. I’m profoundly grateful for the beauty of this moment. Inhaling deeply, I think of everyone in that area; they are breathing toxic fumes. So are the innocent animals. Many have worked constantly, almost incessantly, resting very little, an en masse effort to salvage the Gulf Coast we have always loved. The disappointment and disillusion I suffered following Katrina have relented at last as I see the tireless, heroic determination of many to somehow right the situation.

Catastrophes, disasters, and emergencies do indeed bring out the best in human beings, or the worst. My personal gratitude meter is off the charts right now seeing so many united to accomplish this common goal.

No news yet as to the effectiveness of BP’s latest procedure. Wait and see. Guess we’ll all be doing continual workings until this is resolved.

Love you all! Namaste.

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