Ascension and Eternal Life

“I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, but all men will not choose to receive this new teacher as the guide and counselor of the soul. But as many as do receive him shall be enlightened, cleansed, and comforted. And this Spirit of Truth will become in them a well of living water springing up into eternal life.”

Jesus in The Urantia Book

As I pondered what would be the most appropriate topic for this post, realization arrived loud and clear.  I’ve avoided this particular subject for a long, long time, being aware that the very mention of Jesus Christ sets some Reiki enthusiasts on edge, and my intention was not to offend anyone.

The truth is, Reiki would never have become any part of my life were it not for my abiding love for Jesus Christ, and his for me!  He is my beloved brother, my friend, my hero, and the originator of the entire system of Reiki which has been given through me, as well as my teacher, instructor, and initiator.

My mother, having taught me to pray, blessed me with absolute certainty that everyone has the capability of accessing The Divine. I never doubted this.  In my world, prayer was face-to-face two-way conversation with my doting Father, and I adored Him more than I could ever express in human language.

In the mid-1970’s, I was privileged to meet and get to know, somewhat, a man who was arrested, tried, and convicted of committing horrifying crimes, especially so to me because my early life had been so sheltered.  I had no idea such illness existed within human consciousness.

As I very gradually and slowly moved toward accepting and acknowledging the extent of his problems, I became profoundly depressed.  At that point, I had no desire to live in a world where such things existed.  I became very reclusive, and that’s a tremendous understatement.

Following several futile attempts to return to health via traditional therapy with three different therapists, I turned to the only one I knew who could actually help with my predicament, with the hope that everyone involved would be comforted and sustained through all the pain and loss.

As I prayed over this, and I prayed over it for many years, more than 20, I began to pray for everyone to be healed as well.  Being reared in a Christian environment, I had read and loved the New Testament scriptures regarding the miracles of Christ.  There was never any doubt in me that the miracles were real, nor that Jesus Christ had fully mastered his physical body-form and lives on, eternally, fully able to take up his body and put it down at will.  His body fully belongs to him, and he owns it.

Of special interest to me were the miracles of healing, Christ’s ability to heal and correct conditions which were “impossible”, for example, giving the gift of sight to the man who was blind from birth, born without the physical apparatus necessary for vision. And the “casting out of demons”, eradicating madness, insanity, and violence instantaneously, with perfect ease.

And this is what I prayed for, that Christ would heal my friend who was in such desperate, dire straits, as well as everyone who had been hurt or harmed in any way by the crimes he committed. There was never any doubt in me that Christ could do this, so I asked Him repeatedly for years to please just do it, determined not to stop until he had worked the miracle of setting all this right.

I’ve never thought of myself as a healer, and the truth is, I’m so shy, unless someone literally puts the words in my mouth, I can’t even speak!  The point here is, I never once asked to become a healer!  It never entered my thoughts.

This prayer was not answered instantaneously.  I began praying in January of 1976, and in autumn of 1979, I began receiving communications from angels and those who had passed through mortal life and then ascended, an event that seemed unconnected to my prayer at that time.  My own healing had begun!

Just getting me to the point where I had a desire to live again, despite the pain, was a long, arduous process.  Through it all, though, every moment, I was lovingly provided the most skilled assistance available in all Creation.  Slowly, I began to notice the smell of salt air, the clear blueness of sky, and the perfect brightness of blooms bursting with color.

By bits and pieces, I began to have brief flashes of something akin to joy.  These moments began to stretch into minutes, then hours, and much later into days.

To me, the most miraculous and precious aspect of my healing is that any being, anywhere, possessed the patience required to stick with me through all this!

I often questioned and badgered my helpers, “Why are  you still here???  Why don’t you leave?  Why haven’t you given up on me and moved on to someone you can actually help?”

I felt much worse than Humpty Dumpty!  No matter how they tried to put me back together, I was never going to be the same. All around me were people whose physical injuries were easy to see.  My injuries were invisible to almost everyone.  I didn’t function anymore, not even close.  I was broken, and it didn’t show.  I didn’t expect to ever be okay!

Thirteen years later, at the end of 1992, I left Mississippi with two of my children and barely enough money for gasoline.  We arrived in Mesa, AZ, a few days later.  We had no money left.  We had slept in the car, and we needed to bathe, and eat.  We parked outside the Mesa Temple.  I just wanted to see it.  Fifteen minutes later, we were directed to another location where we received food, and the next day we moved into our wonderful new apartment, complete with brand new furniture.  We had hit the lottery, or so it felt!  But our journey had only just begun.

In February 1993, I received the Master Level Attunement to Usui Reiki, as did my 9-year-old daughter, Angela, and my healing began in earnest!

As I proceeded through lengthy, intense clearing, it became undeniable that the system I’d become heir to was a method for SELF-healing leading to Personal Perfection.  We had easily cleared through the Usui attunements in about three weeks.  The Ascension attunements were clearly going to require at least a lifetime. The process is intense and ongoing.

Each student has a unique perspective and individual perception of Reiki that is impossible to duplicate.  For that reason, Reiki is an evolving form; it can be built upon effectively.  It grows because it is a living entity.  That being the given, each system of Reiki has integrity of its own; the essence and core of the original system cannot be compromised without adverse affects to the effective use of that particular system.

The system of Reiki that I originally learned was given through and developed by Belinda Eaton Hymas (now Sharp).  She is a devout Christian.  I was taught, and believe still, that Usui-san was Christian as well, and that he sought Christ’s method of healing as he fasted on Mount Kurama.

The symbols and system given to me and through me, and developed by me, are essentially Christian, steeped in rich, ancient Hebrew tradition, and infused with esoteric training that Christ learned during his “lost years”.  This form of Reiki cannot be divorced from its origins without destroying its inherent effectiveness and beauty.

Reiki is not a religion.  At the same time, there are some very effective forms of Reiki which have their origins in “religious consciousness”, for lack of a better term.  Although I have surveyed many “flavors” of Reiki, the forms I have studied, mastered, practiced, and taught have their basis in traditional religious thinking. There isn’t any way to remove this foundation without destroying the system.

Think of driving your smoothly purring car!  You love the car.  It looks great, and it’s mechanically perfect.  If you remove the engine because you find fault with it, the car is no longer functional. You can’t drive it, because its “driving force” is no longer present.

Reiki is the same.  This system is Christian based.  This is as much its “driving force” as the engine is to your car.  The driving force cannot be removed without serious impairment to the effective use of this particular system.

My intention is to be completely clear when sharing this form of Reiki with others.  I often state up front that this system is not for everyone.  If  you experience the slightest discomfort with the truth about this form of Reiki, I’m absolutely certain that you would be happiest having someone else attune you.

My entire concern is for TRUTH in representation, rather than for popularity, acceptance, or political correctness.  I always state up front that my daughter and I are the only ones to date who can attune and certify those who choose to learn and master this system.

We try early on to discourage everyone who is not completely certain that this is the system for them.  There is no point in wasting valuable time, neither ours nor yours.  Out of respect for our teachers, this system, you, and ourselves, we publicly advertise exorbitant prices and other discouragements, with the intention that only the pure of heart and the truly sincere choose to learn the system of Reiki that we offer.

We hope this has answered most of your questions about what we are teaching and why.  Feel free to contact us for additional information.

In LOVE & TRUTH!  Until next post.  Namaste!

P. S. In response to your communications, we’ve added a Question and Answer section on the sidebar.  If your questions have not been addressed, please let us know and we’ll be delighted to answer them as they are received.  This blog is an interactive blog.  We appreciate your input.


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