Honoring Choices

What do you think of Reiki practitioners who smoke?

I was recently asked to respond to this question on a Linked-In group called Reiki Professionals.  My initial response was, what a surprising question.  As usual, I replied from the heart.  As part of the discussion, whenever a new comment posted, I was notified. Everyone expressed similar ideas, until one lady, a level two practitioner, decided to play devil’s advocate.

Reading her comments, I realized she had targeted my comment, and she didn’t even “get” what I was saying!  Back to square one!

Given that we are all free to make our own choices, the only choice I get to make is my own.  While I may not choose the same things you choose, I’ll uphold your right to choose to the very end.  This is my personal way of acknowledging the importance of free agency and free will.  In my world, these are givens.

Whether or not we are consciously aware of it, we are all setting examples for someone.  Someone, somewhere, admires and emulates every one of us.  This is true for every human being who has contact with others.

What I discovered when Reiki was added to my consciousness, is that the effects of our behavior on others becomes empowered and greatly magnified in such ways that we become more influential than ever before.  People look up to us.  Others desire to be like us. They desire the abilities, powers, and talents they see in us.

I work with children.  I prefer working with children.  They are open and effortlessly master the uses of energy without all the doubts and hesitation that many adults must deal with.  My practice is designed with specific goals in mind, and each day I become more aware of the impressions that the simplest observed action or behavior has on the consciousness of these children. They are innocent and sweet, and they are always “on”, soaking up everything like tiny sponges.

Because of the desirability of creating minimal negative programming for these children, I have formed a resolute intention to set them the best example, to give them the most positive impressions to keep forever, and to prevent the necessity of incessant “clearing” later in their lives, insofar as possible.

There is no way I can encourage these incredible children to form habits that are detrimental to their health.  I often work with autistic children whose bodies can be super sensitive to toxins in the environment, in foods, in water, and in the emotional lives of the people they have contact with.  I’ve seen these children launch themselves into walls 30 to 50 times immediately after walking past someone who is smoking a cigarette.

The simplest unsuspected things can trigger these episodes, an image on TV, a noise that most other folks don’t notice, overhearing something the child interprets as arguing, chemicals in processed foods, “We can’t find the blue spoon and I can’t eat without it!”; the list seems endless.

The other side of the coin is, these autistic children teach me! They’ve already shown me more about human interaction than I ever knew in all my years before working with them.  They are precious, and when they learn to trust, they trust unconditionally, no holding back.

Getting this has given me a new perspective on accountability and responsibility.  I’ve created a whole new set of standards for my Reiki practice, as well as completing 17 years of work on a set of ascension attunements designed for those who are remaining in body after 2012.

I’ve always known that we each have our own thing to do with Reiki.  We attract those we are intended to work with. Each practitioner has the ability to bring unique benefits to the clients who find her/him.  There is literally no limit or end to the good Reiki can bring to the Earth and all things therein, both living and nonliving.

So perhaps it’s time we cease to judge each other and put our whole hearts into building our practices as Spirit directs.

My practice involves much work with children, so my standards do not include the use of alcohol, drugs either medical or non-medical, tobacco, anger or violence.  Health and honoring the physical body are encouraged.

When working with adults, I adhere to a strict policy of maintaining the highest standards, as well.  Providing my clients a comfortable, safe space for relaxing and letting go is most beneficial to everyone involved.

That being established, every Reiki practitioner has to decide individually what works in their own practice.  I very deliberately do not set standards for anyone other than myself.  If alcohol, drugs, sexual activity, and tobacco fit in your own Reiki practice, you are free to go for it!  But these have no place in my practice, thankfully, and I feel no need to apologize for this.

I am quite happy to honor your choices.  I won’t settle for less than having my choices honored in return.  Honoring all of us is just a matter of LOVE.  Until next blog, namaste!

P. S.  If you have any interest in learning more about autism, you may enjoy the made-for-TV movie, Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes.  It is new, 2010.  🙂  And please join us in celebrating World Autism Awareness Day April 2nd!


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