The Wisdom of JOY

If you forgot to judge yourself or your activities,

how would you enjoy spending your days?


My guides keep me busy!  They are always asking questions to make me think, to keep me processing, and to remind me when ego may be making an appearance.  This is one of their recent questions to me.

Long ago, they differentiated little, personality ego from superhuman, Divine EGO, as well as little self from Divine SELF. Ever since, I’ve written “ego” or “EGO” and “self” or “SELF” to indicate where we are coming from, whether it is from our little ego/self or from our Divine EGO/SELF.

I formed a habit over the years, of asking myself, “Where am I coming from?  Am I truly coming from ego, or from EGO?  Is this coming from my self, or my SELF?”

With them, there is no opportunity for me to ever so much as consider that “I know it all!”  With constant reminders that I AM learning, I AM aware that there are beings at every level of Creation who have much to teach and share with me!  And…I offer what is mine to share with others, aware that everyone has individual responsibility for his/her own growth and learning. I’ve learned to give and then “let go”, without making any effort to ensure a specific outcome or result.   There are times when I literally “wallow” in the FREEDOM of this, that I AM responsible only for my own growth and not for anyone else’s!  It’s tough when you believe it’s your job to save or teach everyone.

On a personal level, I prefer quiet, meditative activities that remind me of Divine Peace.  I’m constantly reminded by my guides that I AM in place here on Earth to attain, maintain, and sustain the frequency of Divine LOVE.  There are many of us, BTW, who are in place for the same purpose.

Our planet is also processing, rebirthing itself, so to speak, and I would truly enjoy making this a gentle, loving, pleasant process.

Recently asked to create a collage for vibrational purposes, I came up with the following list:

Awe, bliss, delight, divinity, ecstasy, elation, enchantment, euphoria, godliness, harmony, heaven, joy, love, magick, miracles, paradise, perfection, pleasure, wonder.


The next time you deal with a crazy maker or a wrong maker, embrace this divine truth:


And when you next are tempted to fret about conditions or events occurring on our planet,


My guides may be the best psychologists and medical personnel I’ve ever met. They’ve taught me about “crazy-makers” and “wrong-makers” for years now, always with the admonishment to refuse to allow anyone or anything to steal your JOY!

You see, my responsibility, and perhaps yours, is to maintain, nurture, and lovingly tend those positive feelings/emotions, vibrations, and conditions that are intended to become the mainstay and norm in our new world.

So…here I sit this miracle morning, writing.  Waking to a fresh blanket of pristine snow and a light dusting of falling flakes, my eyes wander to the window.  The flakes grow larger as I watch, now falling rapidly and thickly.  Texting my daughters and friends that I AM in paradise, I wonder briefly, very briefly, if they will think I’m nuts to be giving thanks for more snow and cold.  I almost hear that, “Oh, Mom!” thing they do.

What I AM actually giving thanks for is LIFE, for another perfect day, for the JOY & LOVE that are present for me and for everyone else.

One more thought before I get on with my day.  Remember when we were all told to “allow abundance”.  Well, everyone, you, me, and our planet all benefit most when we


Bliss is present and available.  All we need do is tune into the “BLISS CHANNEL” and embrace it for all we are worth!  Wishing you the best and all JOY in every moment! Until next blog, namaste!


Sunrise in Arden

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