Man’s Divine Nature

“When man goes in partnership with God, great things may, and do, happen.”

The Urantia Book

This video brought with it a free flow of tears and joy as I watched. I hope you find it as uplifting and beautiful as I do!  It’s pretty much the entirety of this post.  I’ve added a couple of thoughts below about the true nature of humankind.  (There’s music if you like!)

Every man, being born of God, brings into this Earth life that Spirit which created him and gives him Life.  This same Spirit beats his heart and causes him to breathe.  So man, from his very beginning, is Divine as his Source and Creator is Divine.  The very Nature of Man cannot be other than Divine, unless and until the being of man is consciously, deliberately qualified (taught) to express other than his own Divine Nature.

Now, the argument may be made that all things in existence cannot be other than Divine, for all things do in fact take form from the very substance and energy of God.  However, along with his Divine Nature, man is also endowed with free agency, free will, and the ability to make his own choices.  Man is given Perfect Freedom to choose as he himself deems fit and desirable.  With his Absolute Freedom, the individual man chooses his own path and follows it to exaltation and ascension, or to discord, destruction, and death. Every choice along the way is his own, even to allowing others to make his choices for him; those in the energy work community call this “giving away one’s power”.

Choose wisely and well!  Until next blog.  Namaste!

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