Cleansing the Earth: The Air We Breathe Reprint

Following the shock to awareness brought by the recent devastation in Haiti, I’ve been feeling much in need of grounding, clearing, and breathing!  Sensations of heaviness are as well my clue to the necessity for “releasement”.  If anyone else out there is feeling a need to LIGHTEN UP, you are definitely not alone.

What are we putting into the environment for our planet and all her inhabitants to deal with?  This post was initially published January 9, 2010, just days before the Haiti earthquake.  In light of coming events, it seems appropriate to repost it at this time. Updates are included; this is not an exact copy of the original post.

Yesterday one of my dearest friends remarked to me, “You need to work on the weather!”  She wasn’t joking.  She was very tired of the cold and wanted warmer weather, so I pondered this suggestion for about 24 hours.

There’s a little known Gulf Coast tradition of freezing shellfish. Locals swear that this takes care of disease-producing bacteria that brief cooking times and gentle temperatures do not. Who am I to doubt the wisdom of South Louisiana’s finest shrimpers!

This morning, I looked at some weather maps, first North America, then global. WOW! It’s COLD all over. At 6:00 am, it was 8 degrees in Canton, 9 degrees in Weaverville, and 10 degrees right outside my door.

Then came the guidance: “Earth and the environment are being cleansed. This is necessary. What feels like bitter cold to some of you is one aspect of a major detoxing process that can no longer be avoided. Rather than expending energy to warm the weather, get out in it. Breathe deeply. Five to fifteen minutes maximum, please. Your health and the Earth will benefit!”

My guides continued with mention of chemtrails and sylph activity. Those of us who work with elementals are familiar with sylphs. A sylph is a sentient being that lives in, breathes, and is air.

Sylphs are air elementals associated with angels, butterflies and dragons. Here’s a link to a video available on YouTube. It’s about five minutes long.  If you like music, turn up the volume.


Sylph Over the Pyrenees

Without air and breath, there is no life.  Inhaling, we fill our physical forms with oxygen, light, and chi.  Exhaling, we leave traces of our being within the atmosphere wherever we are. Feeling, speaking, thinking or simply breathing, we fill our surroundings with our own essences.  Our feelings, words, and attitudes affect the atmosphere and environment.  Actually, our feelings, words, and attitudes become the atmosphere and environment, forming the medium we live and grow within!

I’ve been diligently, lovingly taught to always check what I’m putting out.  The greatest teacher I’ve ever known to this point, reminds me constantly, “Everything you send out, every thought, every word, every feeling, every working, permeates your own energy field first!  There is no avoiding this; this is the law!  When you call for the lightning, prepare for the shock!  Always send, speak, and think only what you desire to experience, because you are absolutely certain to experience it.”

This teacher provides constant reminders that, as we develop and advance, the consequences of all we do become greater and greater, and begin to affect us instantly, with the speed of thought. These teachings are too important for me to ignore.

We are creating our own atmosphere and environment, both individually and globally.  What are we putting into it???

Are we infusing our environment with life, light, and love? Because, if for any ego-justified reason this is not what we are giving and sending out of us, we are not building these qualities into our own energy fields nor into the global environment, and no one can experience them.  We cannot reap the benefits of those qualities and neither can anyone else.

Courtesy of the same law, when we speak, think, or wish ill for another, we have literally infected our own personal environment with toxicity, which bleeds into the global environment unless it is prevented from doing so.

This is what the current extended deep-freeze COLD is all about. Long accumulated toxins are being frozen out of existence, literally.  Sentient beings who love, protect, and care for us and the Earth have moved the necessary detoxification process to the next level.

Many of us grew up in toxic environments and families.  That was the “dirt” we grew in!  If we haven’t done so already, it’s time to transmute all that NOW, because we are here to be part of the solution!

It isn’t enough to conceptualize the qualities of life, light and love! WE MUST BE LIFE, LIGHT, AND LOVE!  If we haven’t done so already, we must become these things.  We must be life, light, and love so completely that there is no room in us for the slightest variance.  Yes, it is what we need to do, and this is what Earth requires from us, that we breathe into everyone and everything here these qualities of LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE!  Exhaling, we breathe our own essence back into the environment.  If we do not somehow become these divine qualities, we can only fill everything around us with toxins.

For eons, it was enough to go about our merry ways and use the light when and where we did energy work.  When I was taught Reiki, we were given a symbol that in English is called “Use the Light”.  It was to allow us to pull in light for each treatment and working.

For many years, I’ve heard and read about light workers, Earth changes, and vibrational shifts. But how many have been reluctant to speak out about the reality we are all facing and the responsibilities that we have to ourselves and others???

At this point, things have kicked into high gear globally.  We have to pretty much get with it now, or be lost in the rapid cleansing of our planet.  What we learned years ago may not be completely effective as we progress.

Medical and mental health professionals are required to take continuing education units to keep on top of the new developments in their respective fields.  Energy workers are not required to do so.

In all fairness, most energy workers are avid about their own education.  We study hard, play hard, and do our stuff around the clock.  We don’t get breaks like medical professionals do. Fortunately for us, we don’t really need breaks since the flow of ready energy keeps us ever renewed, fresh, and available.  We are always ON!

Yet…perhaps our greatest responsibility is still changing ourselves. It is easy to go out and teach, and doing so can keep us so busy we don’t have time to care adequately for ourselves, much less work on our own issues.  The real work is within us.  Maybe the priority is to uncover and free the essence of who I AM, who we ALL are, and then to breathe that LIFE, LIGHT & LOVE into the planetary atmosphere.  Be all you can really be!  Until next blog.  Namaste!

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