To the Brave Souls in Haiti: A Tribute

To be completely honest, there’s been some difficulty writing a blog post with all that’s happening in Haiti.  Many friends, family members, and acquaintances were mostly sleepless for two to three weeks prior to the actual event.  It was discussed at length. Everyone knew there was about to be a devastating earthquake, and all determined to maintain balance no matter what.  Still, when it did happen, we could only watch bits and snippets before having to turn off the TV and ground ourselves.

One friend, Bonnie, has been in bed since the first tremor.  She cannot get up.  She’s very good at working through her stuff and we respect that she is doing that on her own terms.

The others of us, to a person, all have the gut wrenching certainty that this is the actual beginning of the events building up to 12/21/2012.  Communications among us have been sober, even solemn. We all choose to be here at this time of Earth’s rebirthing process. We wouldn’t be anywhere else, in fact.  We have something to give, and something to learn.

I’ve always believed that the most effective learning process is easy and fun.  This isn’t, at least for now.  As always, the first human instinct is to help.  How many of us as children took home every stray and tried to rescue every person and animal that struck us as needy or sick?  This mothering thing is still strong in many of us. But it isn’t necessarily the highest or most divine course in every instance.

Another friend, Dot, believes that the best learning occurs with difficult lessons.  She has chosen to experience much illness in her own body.  I freely admit that I’ve never once been tempted to walk in her shoes!

So…with images of massive human suffering impacting all of us, I did what I do best.  I withdrew and demanded enlightenment, illumination, and understanding of the events unfolding in Haiti. After all is said and done, I AM here to learn and grow, and who better than my guides to assist with rebalancing?

The guidance wasn’t really unexpected.  It was a loving but firm reminder that no one is a victim.  Every person, every sentient being present in Haiti at this time has chosen to be there NOW. Every inhabitant of Earth made life choices prior to coming into this lifetime and incarnation. These experiences are consciously chosen. Many chose to repay massive karmic debt via this event. Many more had other reasons for experiencing this event, but all did choose it!

Once again, I’m reminded of the dichotomy that has always existed, to this point, between human perceptions of events and the spiritual or soul perspective.  The Haiti quake was planned and it occurred on time.  It is a tool that many chose for individual reasons as numerous as the beings involved.

It has been tremendous comfort to many, to my wonderful circle of family and friends, and to those physically present at the quake, to witness the presence of throngs of angels and other beings of light gathered in Haiti, to lovingly, respectfully assist those who are having this experience.

If ever there were a time for Reiki, Regenesis, and Quantum Touch, this is it!  If ever there were a place for LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE, ditto!  The folks in Haiti may be more in need of LOVE and COMFORT than of all the money in the world!

Everyone choosing this event is a divinely brave soul!  Cyndie, another beloved friend, commented in one of her blog posts that, “This journey is not for the faint of heart!”  Indeed, it isn’t.  But…I have no recollection of ever having met anyone faint of heart on my Earth journey.  Only the bravest, most courageous of beings choose to experience Earth life.

This post today is intended to be a tribute to everyone on Earth at this time, and especially so to everyone directly experiencing the Haiti earthquake.

As I sit here at the keyboard, I hear the TV in the other room, “Already 140,000 bodies.”  This is going to remain in the news for some time, no doubt.  My insides rumble.

Apologies, but my customary easy writing mode is a bit deflated at the moment.  The mood is more meditative and reflective. Thank you for bearing with me if these comments are a bit disjointed.

One thing mastered since being attuned to Reiki is the ability to choose out of judgment altogether, or at the very least, to suspend judgment of everyone and their chosen experiences, even my own. Because…every judgment made is affected by the unavoidable distortion of ego.  It’s the same for all of us.  If it were not for ego, one could not even appear to be separate, much less could anyone perceive individual experiences.  Yet the ego produces perceptual distortions.  This is one of the attributes of physical experience.

More than one “psychic” has informd me that I “mistakenly” see everyone as perfect.  This always brings a smile to my lips.  🙂 Ah, well, it is true, to a point.  I don’t claim to ever have been unaware of the human side of behavior, while at the same time clearly perceiving the Divine Being each one is.  Thankfully, this ability to see the whole being often prevents those who possess it from striking out in “revenge” to retaliate against someone who has succumbed to lesser human behavior.  Compassion is the only valid emotion when dealing with anyone who has made such a choice.

So…perhaps we all owe a tremendous debt to those who are giving their own life energies via the Haiti earthquake. Everything here on Earth constitutes an energy exchange.  Death and suffering do release life energies.  And the Haitian earthquake is the means of releasing these energies in unprecedented mass.  This is the largest, most devastating earthquake in recorded human history.

Most of us know about Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as the Akashic records.  But we’re referring now to records that are openly available to modern humankind.  Not everyone in current embodiment has chosen conscious awareness, memory, and the journeying capability to access all those ancient records.

Early in my own life, it became obvious that money without LOVE can be an empty, void “gift”.  Have you ever known people who give money because they cannot give of themselves?  One of my closest relatives would say, “Money is love!  When you give money, that’s love.”

It can be.  But many of us have also experienced the empty pit of receiving money when the other person wants to be certain that no emotional investment ever comes into play.

Money is a wonderful tool. Yet, when there is no investment of personal energy, what benefit is there?  The most, the best, and the finest thing any of us ever give is our SELVES, our energy, our love, our sharing who and what we truly are.

So…rest assured I AM not encouraging anyone to not send money. Just please be aware that the most important gifts you can give to those in need are your SELF and DIVINE LOVE!

This post is intended to express eternal gratitude to all those who have chosen the Haiti earthquake as the mode of gifting us with their life energies. May we all make the perfect use of this immeasurable gift!

Surely it doesn’t need saying, but every energy worker and light worker I’ve ever known is a caring, loving being whose favorite activity is giving Divine Love to all creation.  That is what’s happening now.  We are all doing what we do best to assist the beautiful souls in Haiti.  We are loving them!  Whatever we choose to give, however we choose to give it, we are giving with LOVE! Thank you all for your time, thoughts, energy, and caring at this time.  There is more to come!

Until next week. Namaste!

*For those of you who have inquired, please be aware, we did work on this earthquake before it happened, of course! That goes without question.  However, the guidance we got included not interfering with free will/agency.  Thereafter we have continually worked on creating the most harmonious, loving process for everyone involved.  Thank you for asking!

David Spangler has a blog, too.  His comments following the destruction of the Twin Towers are insightful and possibly applicable to the current situation in Haiti, so I’ve posted a page in the sidebar that he wrote 09/15/2001.  It was a bit long to include in this post, but it is made available here for those of you who are interested.  You may also be interested to learn that his channeling following the WTC did not bring him any popularity.  It wasn’t well received by the masses.  It will be archived when this post is archived.

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