Freedom of Spirit

“The religion of the spirit leaves you forever free to follow the truth wherever the leadings of the spirit may take you.”  From The Urantia Book

Having been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for some 34+ years now, there is one principle that has always fascinated me and at the same time humbled me.  Of course, I’m talking about the principle of free agency.  In New Age jargon, this same principle is called free will choice.  It’s one and the same.

Recent events in Haiti firmly remind me of this teaching.  When dealing with those currently experiencing embodiment on this Earth, I’ve often experienced and witnessed some certainty of “superiority” in various forms, be it racially based, religiously based, or whatever.  This certainty always results in “us versus them” mentality.

We are superior/right/white/black/greater/powerful, etc.; they are inferior/wrong/black/white/lesser/weak, etc., ad nauseum.

I want to say here loudly and clearly to all those who rushed to the rescue of the “victims” in Haiti, WE ARE ALL EQUAL!  The so-called victims in Haiti are equal to everyone else here.  By their own free will and choice, they chose the earthquake experience.

Please don’t read into this that I disagree in any way with the actual rescue efforts that have been going on; these are incredibly heroic!

What I do disagree with is any ego attitude of superiority or inferiority.  Who are we to energize thoughts of  victimization when those fully equal to us willingly, freely chose this experience?  At the same moment, who are we to deny anyone, anywhere, at any time, the most basic comfort of expert, harmonious use of all the energies that are available to us?

Please briefly recall the moment when you committed to Reiki, Regenesis, Quantum Touch, EFT, rebirthing, and all other modes of energy work that you have learned or reconnected with here on Earth.  Did you ever, at any time, make a sincere conscious commitment to freely utilize your “spirit gifts” wherever and whenever they were needed, desired, and beneficial, no matter what?

Of course!  I did.  I’m certain you did so, as well.  At that moment, did you even consider making money with your gifts?

Recently I became aware of an entire “group consciousness” that uses Reiki for entertainment.  Reiki “masters” are selling attunements for a going rate of about $10.00.  These same “masters” are doing “psychic” readings, eking out their livings in this manner.

While I did my usual “bless you” ritual when I discovered this, another part of me was appalled!  I felt, deeply, that the Reiki which I value as a priceless treasure, had been cheapened and devalued to the point of being considered by many who know no better, to be worthless!  Reiki for entertainment purposes only! Bah!  Humbug!

Then I thought of all the tools that are freely provided to those on Earth.  We are given dominion.  We get to choose our use of every tool which is available to us.

Reviewing uses of the physical elements, earth, fire, water, and air, earth can be used to grow food, to bury our dead, or to bury someone alive.  Fire can be used for warmth, for cooking, for clearing, or for destruction.  Water can be used for necessary hydration, for watering crops, for bathing, for swimming and fun, or to drown or destroy what we want to rid ourselves of.  Air can be used as well, for oxygenation, purification, or deadly toxification.

Your knife can be used as a kitchen tool, or to disable or kill your opponent.  Quoting loosely from The Secret video, electricity can be used to cook a meal.  It can also be used to cook a man.

You get the idea.  Every use of an element or a tool has a result or effect that is caused by the intention of the person using that tool.

Reiki energy is the same.  The results of its use are determined by the intention of the user, practitioner, and master. There’s no getting past this.  We are responsible for the results that our own intentions create.

While this was covered earlier on, it’s worth a reminder here.  Our intentions permeate our own energy field first, before ever affecting anyone else, before connecting with anyone else.  We are all, for good or ill, stuck with what we ourselves create.

In the case of Reiki, I AM responsible for my own uses of these energies.  Because of my personal responsibility, I’ve become incredibly picky when it comes to teaching others, even my own family members.

My eternal thanks goes out to all those who assisted me in arriving at this place and position with regard to teaching energy work!

This also places me in the occasionally unenviable position of continuing to do energy work whenever and wherever I AM, as I become aware of anything whatsoever that requires the benefit of energy work.

Belinda Eaton taught the most wonderful technique for stepping outside one’s own emotion and doing energy work from a detached position.  Thanks, again, Belinda!  This has been useful indeed as events in Haiti unfold.

Once more, I’m not here to pontificate or proselytize, to convert or convince, to approve or deny any position, belief, or dogma.  At this point and for years, I consider my SELF more a philosopher than a teacher, and I assume everyone reading this blog has the capability of thinking and forming their own opinions.

That being said, please don’t assume that everything on this blog is what I personally believe!  It may or may not be.  But…I have placed everything here to hopefully stimulate conscious growth, which does require profound soul searching.  One of the greatest things about Earth life is that we have unequaled opportunity to KNOW OURSELVES!

As you may have heard before, I have a sign on the door of my Reiki room that says, KNOW THY SELF!  This isn’t a thought I originated, obviously.  I just tweaked it a tad, from “Know thyself” to “Know thy SELF!”

It is all within you, you know!  We have a divine heritage, being created in the image of a PERFECT BEING!  When all the gunk is stripped away, we are left with our own perfection!  What a gift it is, the truth of our own divinity!

Remember that old adage, “To thine own SELF be true, and it shall follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

There is nothing to teach.  There is nothing to attain.  There is nothing to own.  There is only to be!  We are to be on this Earth what we truly are!  And to know and live the truth that everyone else here is as divine as we are!

Sondra Ray has said for years, “Choose the highest thought!” Most profound thanks to each of you who chooses the highest actions, activities, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and words!  Thank you for being and giving the very best, the priceless gift of your SELF!

Until next week!  Namaste!

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