More about the Origins of Reiki

Hello, again!  This is a brief note in response to questions I’ve received about the different forms of Reiki referred to in our discussions.

First, though, let’s continue for a bit about the origins of Reiki. Before going on, however, may I ask, how did you learn about Reiki?  Were you introduced to Reiki via the Usui system or did you begin your Reiki training  by learning another system?

I’m willing to bet that most of us were taught first about Mikao Usui and his search for an effective healing method; he wanted to know if something was available that is as effective as what is described in the Bible.  I was told that Mr. Usui was determined to learn how miracles were accomplished so he went to the top of Mount Kuriyama with the intention of remaining there until he received this knowledge.

The point here is that the miracles had already occurred, and Usui-san reconnected with a method that was utilized to create them.  He intended and received.

So…Usui didn’t originate anything.  What he did, brilliantly, was to ask, request, and demand the use of already existing knowledge in order to create miracles in our modern world.  He persisted for 21 days, as I understand, received a system of healing that was given in response to his heartfelt desire, then went forth and Usui Reiki was born. It may be important to note here that Usui received a system that was custom designed for him and was most appropriate for the time and location he lived in.

Using Usui Reiki, the practitioner channels Universal Energy through her/his own body  and “sends” energy directly to the intended receiver.  Other than allowing one’s physical form to act as a conduit for Energy, the practitioner does little except to form an “intent” for the energy to flow to a named/intended receiver. Neither practitioner nor receiver decides what the end result will be, belief in and of itself not affecting the flow of energy.

I AM Reiki™ adds another technique, somewhat expanding the effectiveness and results of energy flow.  The practitioner channels energy through his/her individual physical form as before, then directs the energy flow and treatment through his own I AM Presence/high self, and from that Presence energy is directed to the receiver.  Often the I AM Presence is requested to adjust the flow of energy in the highest, most beneficial ways.  I’ve enjoyed the results of I AM Reiki™ for many years now.

Somewhat recently, after much clearing, a new technique was offered to me by my beloved guides.  (You’re welcome to view my Who I AM page in the sidebar for more info.)  When doing Oneness Reiki™ nothing is “sent”. Instead, the practitioner briefly recalls and focuses on the fact that “We are all One”, acknowledges that (s)he is UE and qualifies the Energy, again with intent, then merges with the receiver, who is infused with the qualified energy.

This merging is something we are all accustomed to doing when we operate outside the physical body. It’s a multidimensional function. We all have the ability to merge, and merging is a natural development of Living Reiki.

Yet, I normally advise caution to those who have not completed extensive, comprehensive clearing of their own “stuff”, since many of my clients and students have either not realized that they have issues remaining, or they are in a state of determined denial. However, this merging is an incredibly effective technique, and it’s very simple to do because it deals with facts.  We are all one! Practitioner and receiver are one!

One brief comment here, please.  Only in very special circumstances have I ever performed certain attunements when the receiver has not yet attained an appropriate level of clearing. I’ve often had students demand advanced attunement when I’ve known that going ahead at that point would create more harm than benefit for them.  For many years I did not advertise advanced attunements at all.  Advanced Reiki attunement creates a continual, ongoing process for the receiver.

Now, some of the advanced attunements actually lock into place whatever is present within the cellular structures.  From that point, the body cannot clear itself completely, for that energy remains.  The only option is for the receiver to become really accomplished at transmuting energy, for the energy is always and forever with him.

I always, always ask individual guidance for each student.  I trust the guidance received.  Even with that, surprisingly, a few students demand to move forward regardless of advice, some questioning my motives, and occasionally feeling that I’m determined to hold them back.

I AM absolutely delighted to witness the progress of every soul who chooses the path of Reiki. In that regard, when or if trust issues arise, we are all free.  There are many, many teachers of Reiki to choose from, all of whom have been trained to perform attunements.  Choose wisely.

The tradition of Reiki in which I was trained began with complete Usui attunement.  Past that, we were all advised that the advanced attunements could cause chronic illness, debilitation, terminal disease, and death.  Some in our group chose to stop at that point.  Others decided to continue.  I’ve observed the results of those attunements ever since receiving them.

Our training was in a very challenging, powerful form of energy work given to and through Belinda Eaton; she called it Light Therapy.  Twelve attunements were given; these were based upon The Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore.  The book is available as a PDF download at:

The twelve faculties in this book correspond with Belinda’s Light Therapy attunements.

Faith–Peter–center of brain.


Discrimination or Judgment–James, son of Zebedee–pit of stomach.

Love–John–back of heart.

Power–Philip–root of tongue.

Imagination–Bartholomew–between the eyes.

Understanding–Thomas–front brain.

Will–Matthew–center front brain.

Order–James, son of Alphaeus–navel.

Zeal–Simon the Cananaean–back head, medulla.

Renunciation or Elimination–Thaddaeus–abdominal region.

Life Conserver–Judas–generative function.

It was up to us to clear issues as they arose.  Each issue affected our physical forms.  Not everyone was able to clear.  It became a concern for me that some issues didn’t surface for many years following attunement.  When that occurred, the receiver would go about his merry way until long accumulated effects manifested at the physical level.

Belinda Eaton founded an incredible system of advanced attunements.  Her work became the foundation for my own, as well as powerfully affecting the development of my consciousness. She and her work must be credited with making me who I AM.

I’ve worked for many years to devise a system of clearing completely first, then proceeding with a set of advanced attunements designed to restore the body to its perfect, divine form, as well as perfecting vibratory levels and the development of divine consciousness.

Way back in the day, I invited one of my brightest, finest students to join me in my search for a safer set of advanced attunements, as well as to create her very own system of Reiki in the process. Perhaps I didn’t explain it well enough.  She became angry and declined.  I blessed her and moved forward from that point.

We recently reconnected.  It’s heartening to see her progress now.

Yes, I’m advertising advanced attunements again, this time for prices intended to discourage all but the most determined receivers.  And, yes, these attunements are available to everyone who sees through the ruse and realizes the truth, that this work has never been about money.  It’s always and forever will be about the divinization of human consciousness, about bringing to full consciousness the divinity inherent in each of us.

Remember, LOVE is the source of all healing!  Until next time, namaste!

We appreciate your generous support of this blog!!

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