Reiki for Our Time

As we move into a new year, many of us may feel that we are hurtling toward an uncertain future, yet we hope the future will be better than anything we’ve known in the past.  The countdown to 12/21/2012 continues.  What can we expect?  What exactly will happen at that point with the incredible planetary alignment that’s scheduled to occur?

What if…it’s up to us!  What if…it’s our responsibility, and JOY, to create our own future(s), both individually and collectively!  What if…we cease asking, “What’s going to happen?” and just get busy creating the best present and future possible!

Some possible EFT mapping/tapping statements to (y)our I AM Presence:

“Thank you for immediately erasing/perfectly transmuting all effects of all mistakes in all directions of time, throughout all dimensions, and perfecting me/us/whatever in the process.”

“I completely love and accept my SELF unconditionally, no matter what!  Thank you for immediately replacing (all past mistakes or whatever else) with (any desired condition or thing) NOW!”

Some physical clearing practices are:

Bathing in hot salt water.  Use lots of salt, preferably sea salt, but plain table salt works.  This pulls toxins from the physical body by the process of osmosis, as well as clearing the energy field and recharging us electromagnetically.  Salt is both clearing and protective.  Great stuff.

Drinking green tea with apple cider vinegar.  Please don’t use but a few drops of vinegar!  One of my dearest friends thought, since it worked so well, to use a half-and-half mixture.  It did indeed clean her out.  It also made her quite nauseated and it tasted awful!  You may not see immediate results; it usually takes about two weeks to notice welcome changes.

A neti pot!  Another friend convinced me to try this; it was something I’d resisted adamantly for years!   Except that what I use is a much improved version, very inexpensive, called NeilMed. Get it at WalMart.  It’s for bathing sinuses, and it’s incredible!  My friend had suffered for many years, almost 20 years, with chronic sinus infection.  She had undergone painful, expensive surgery and taken medication several times a day for that entire time.  This past spring, she was advised to have another surgery and refused; her first surgery was a nightmare and it didn’t begin to fix the problem.  Then, she happened upon a medical doctor who suggested NeilMed, having used it herself for several years.  When I heard this, I said to my friend, “Will wonders never cease!”  But occasionally natural remedies do trickle into the corporate medical environment.  Anyhow, my friend tried the NeilMed system, and three days later she was elated to be almost clear.  Two weeks later, my friend was completely free of sinus problems and she was experiencing tremendous relief of many other physical discomforts she had trained herself to live with.  At that point, she realized that none of her physical symptoms had been “normal”.  Now the symptoms are gone, and my friend is a new person, literally.

Many of us have held onto symptoms of ill health, disease, and dysfunction for years, when it is immeasurably simple to just let go of them.  We’ve held onto unhealthy attitudes as well, and activities, beliefs,  emotions, feelings, habits, practices, thoughts, and words, all tending to keep us and everyone else locked into what we think we know, when the simplest, easiest, most joyful thing in all existence is just to set ourselves and everyone else FREE!

Now, I’ve described the suggestions above as physical exercises, when in fact, the salt bath is a powerful technique for rapid manifestation, and the vinegar and NeilMed, cleanse the digestive and upper respiratory tract, allowing food cravings and habits damaging to our intake of oxygen to just drop away.

How is this Reiki for our time, you may be asking.  Reiki practice is use of channeled energy.  Who doesn’t want to be a clear, powerful channel?

Consider this, please:  A human can survive without food for some three weeks or so, provided there is an available supply of water. We do have records of longer survival periods.  For example, Christ fasted for 40 days, about six weeks.  He was an experienced faster, and he had a spiritual goal to achieve.  He received much assistance.

A human can survive without water for days, not weeks.  I once fasted without water for three full days.  It was an extremely difficult experience at that point in my development.  I’ve never been inclined to repeat it.  Our physical need for water is more important to us than our need for food, at least time-wise.

How long can a human being survive without oxygen?  This is a matter of seconds or minutes.  So…our biological requirement for oxygen takes precedence over all else, even at birth.  The first priority for a newborn is to BREATHE!  Oxygen and chi, as well as soul, enter with our first  BREATH.  Soul enters with the first breath and departs with the last.

Knowing all that, I’ve frequently asked my SELF why anyone would purposely use any substance or maintain any habit that interferes with the intake of oxygen, or with an oxygen-rich blood supply being carried and distributed throughout the physical form.  Not that other peoples’ choices bother me much at this point.  I just don’t understand.

FYI, there are several healing modalities available that you may consider exploring, if you haven’t already done so.

Bob Rasmusson’s research began a new movement in the field of energy work our on planet.  Two of his students are now famous for continuing the tradition he started.  Richard Gordon founded and teaches Quantum-Touch.  Jim Mann teaches Regenesis.

Gary Craig founded EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  He is retiring shortly.  His work will continue, no doubt.

I highly recommend all of these techniques to everyone who is interested in expanding the scope of their energy work.  These are powerful tools for light workers, and I AM all about personal empowerment.

Until next blog, then.  Namaste!

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