Winter Wonderland

Sunrise in Arden

We had 15 inches of snow yesterday. Maybe more. Snuggled warmly inside my beloved, cozy mountain home, blissfully happy, exhilarated, I uttered thanks to be enjoying the beauty of winter’s gift as always! To me, snow is a miracle. It fell for hours, from just past five in the morning until midnight or so last night. Working at my computer is a continual joy, but gazing out at gently falling snow made it extra special yesterday. My thought was, I AM living in heaven! This is heaven! In my flesh and bones body, I AM IN HEAVEN!

One of my daughters called. This one wanted nothing to do with Reiki for more than 17 years. She’s just now asking to be taught. Lots of growth, there. She cleared through so much “stuff” to be able to say, “Mom, I think I need to learn Reiki.” It’ll be an easy, fast thing for her. I cleared for years following Reiki. She’s a clear channel now. What a different journey for her.

Anyhow, she was busy gathering candles, lighters, blankets, water, ready to eat food, and extra clothing to layer on, just in case. She was charging her phone, or trying to. Her electricity kept going off, then back on. She said people were trapped in their cars on I-26. They had been there for hours, since 2 PM. More than 60 traffic accidents had occurred in the Asheville area alone, and more than 500 in our extended local mountain area. So…these folks had been sitting, waiting, hoping the roads would clear and they could just go home. They began to walk, leaving their cars where they were.

Fortunately, it wasn’t cold yesterday, barely cold enough to snow. But they must have felt quite frustrated and uncomfortable to abandon their cars and set out on foot. Even the news crew filming in Hendersonville got stuck and couldn’t get home.

Emergency shelters speedily opened in the area for some 60,000 mountain folk who lost power during the “storm”. Meantime, I was experiencing the same event as a beautiful, Divine blessing. I never saw one sign of a “storm”.

As small children, my five were literally reminded constantly, all right, nagged, to keep water, blankets, lighters, extra clothes and ready food in their cars, ALWAYS! They’ve understood since the winter of 1983/1984 in South Dakota that snow can kill. That year people were snowed into their houses and had to be pulled through holes cut into the roofs by rescuers wielding chainsaws. Not pretty, but for all you rebirthers out there, what an analogy! One family burned their furniture to stay alive. It was dangerously cold. So…the kids learned early on to always be ready.

As my daughter and I spoke, I quickly did Reiki on her situation. She and her baby were snowed in. She couldn’t move the car. Even her neighbors with 4 wheel drive trucks couldn’t get up the hill to go to the shelters. They tried, turned around, and went back inside as she watched.

Calmly gathering what she and the baby needed to get through the night warmly and safely, she set off to charge her phone before they lost power completely.

Anyhow, her phone call got me thinking, this time about weather and group consciousness, as well as fear based beliefs and survival mentality. One of my hardest lessons with all that came during and following Hurricane Katrina. Our entire family breezed through that, although we watched in stunned disbelief as media coverage documented looting, turmoil, and the horrors occurring in the Super Dome and Convention Center. I still don’t understand, but I do recognize fear-based insanity when I see it.

The same things were obvious here, too, just before the snow storm rolled in yesterday. Stores were packed with folks frantically gathering supplies for the predicted storm. Lines were long, emotions rampant. We quickly left, choosing instead to make use of what we already had at home. We had plenty.

I was intent on getting home, lighting candles, and doing some energy work!

Through the years, I began to accept that I could not always pull people toward peace and safety, but I could effortlessly choose out of being pulled along in the wake of their fear when they were heading for destruction. It’s a free will thing. Each person, in essence being created equal, makes her/his own choice. That’s the plan.

My guides taught me about group consciousness. For weeks, months, they had me observing flocks of birds, at the beach, in parks, during my nature walks. It was fascinating to see the birds, as one entity, launch into flight, landing as one in another location. I continued asking, “What are you showing me?”

I asked until they began having me observe human behavior. Most people seek groups. Maybe it’s a carryover from ancient times when remaining with your group meant safety, while striking out alone usually meant certain death. Does anyone remember the movie that Darryl Hannah starred in named “The Clan of the Cave Bear”? Jean M. Auel wrote The Earth’s Children Series, and “The Clan of the Cave Bear” was the first book of that series. Very insightful. We all have deep memories of early human consciousness.

Grouping isn’t always a guarantee of safety, though. If you come across a Neanderthal in your own Earth journey, just ask him! His group passed into oblivion long ago.

Being a loner isn’t a guarantee of much, either. Yet…loners do tend to think for themselves. Not much choice, really. But there is incredible growth! Loners occasionally become legendary.

Oh, you’re saying, “There’s growth in groups!” Perhaps a more accurate assessment is, “There’s growth in relationship!”

So…what is our first relationship, anyway? What relationship can we not survive without? Go figure! It’s with our SELF!

BTW, my daughter and her baby are safe! Always were.

Let’s leave off here with a couple of affirmations. If they work for you, great.

“My highest growth (or good) is in my every activity.”

“My highest growth is in my every emotion.”

“My highest growth is in my every feeling.” (Emotion and feeling are different things.)

“My highest growth is in my every thought.”

“My highest growth is in my every word.”

“I effortlessly/joyously choose peace and safety.”

“I effortlessly release all fear/lack/pain/death mentality.”

“I joyously embrace freedom/joy/radiant health!”

“My consciousness is now the Perfect Consciousness of Divine Love, Endless Life, and Perfect Abundance! Thank you, God!”

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