Gratitude, Joy, and the Origins of Reiki

We closed last week’s blog with a promise to continue by commenting briefly about gratitude and joy.  We already touched upon the desirability of living at our optimal personal frequency and maintaining the highest vibration possible. There are many reasons for doing so.  We are here to assist in the uplifting of Earth. As we raise our personal vibration and live at our highest personal frequency, our beloved planet benefits as well.

Earth is currently in somewhat of a birthing process, or more accurately, a rebirthing process, the transformational process of growth and regeneration. I AM reminded of the snake shedding its outgrown skin.  Also brought to mind are the life stages of butterflies and moths.  Earth has outgrown the way things have been to this point.  Change must occur, and we can help to make the process the most enjoyable experience possible.

We are also here to learn and grow our human consciousness.  In other words, one of our commitments, at least one of mine, is to develop my own consciousness maximally.  I also made a commitment to the development of group/mass consciousness, as well as to global/planetary consciousness.  How about family consciousness?  What about galaxy/universal consciousness?  Does that have a familiar ring?

In that vein, most of us have sought deep study and challenging learning modules.  That’s what my guides tell me. They inform me when a new “practice element” is about to begin and what I may reasonably expect as it progresses, as well as giving me an estimate of how long may be required for its completion.

Are you aware that you are here to manifest, to master the fine art and science of creative manifestation?  We are here to learn and master creation.  How’s that for a heady learning module!

There are several reasons why gratitude and joy are desirable emotions/attitudes to maintain.  From the perspective of pure health, maintenance of positive emotions such as love, trust, cooperative projects, nurture, etc., constantly bathes every cell, molecule, atom and tissue of our physical human form with life-giving hormones and biochemicals.  Focusing one’s attention on negative emotions of anger, harmfulness in any form, ego, jealousy, competition, violence, war, etc., bathes our cells, molecules, atoms and tissues in hormones and biochemicals that destroy health, cause unbearable pain, and bring death to the physical body as well as the HEF.  (Human Energy Field)

However, and this is a “biggy” from my point of view, we can’t manifest anything “good and perfect” unless our attention is fully focused upon whatever is good and perfect!  So…from the perspective of consciousness and what we are here to master, the fine art and science of creative manifestation, holding our desired vibration is the first step to perfect mastery, and we accomplish this stabilization of vibration via “intent” by focusing on and maintaining the most positive emotions.  We learn to go beyond ourselves.  We move toward personal perfection.

Reiki has been my way of life and chosen path since late summer of 1992.  I grew up in a strong family tradition of natural health and healing.  My grandmother was a “wise woman” while my mother was one of the first RNs to ever study and use therapeutic touch way back when it began to be taught in the United States. From conception, I learned their ways. My youngest daughter and I studied Reiki together and received master level attunement on the same day. We’ve had an amazing journey, an incredible adventure!  For us, Reiki is a Divine Therapy that often defies medical or scientific explanation.  Reiki encompasses the miraculous. Reiki is magnificent!

Reiki is non-invasive, safe, relaxing, and fun!  Reiki assists in reaching the most profound levels of peace, love, joy, harmony, happiness, and abundance.  Reiki is a wonderful de-stressor and is incredibly effective for pain management.  We, along with our students and clients, have experienced a marvelous array of effects when putting Reiki to use. *

Reiki is all about empowerment and taking responsibility for one’s own life.  Reiki does not lead to dependence on the therapist. Rather, the Truth of Reiki leads to personal freedom for everyone involved.

Many believe that Mikao Usui originated Reiki.  I must consider that Reiki originated long before that, and that Christ himself used a highly developed form of Reiki during his lifetime on Earth. He certainly mastered the Gift of Miraculous Healing!

Others believe that Reiki originated in Tibet, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria or on other planets.  Regardless of origin, Reiki cannot be dismissed by anyone who is familiar with its uses, who has studied it, or who has received it as a therapy.  Reiki is here for us, for every person who chooses to explore it, and it is a Divine Therapy that stands alone with ease, as well as working effectively in combination with other treatment methods.  Until next week. Namaste!

*  These are but a very few of the results we have experienced and observed during our practice:

Complete healing and regrowth of a shattered fibula in an 80-year-old female, from date of break to X-ray two weeks later by her doctor. His remark, “Well, I see you don’t have osteoporosis!”

Perfect healing for a 16-year-old diagnosed with AIDS. Following the course of treatment, the former patient has no memory of ever having had the disease, but is well and is now a parent; has never again tested positive for AIDS or HIV.

Loving support during pregnancy and childbirth, with peaceful, easy birth process and glowing babies.

Grief support for anyone losing loved ones and pets.

Support for abuse victims, all types of abuse, emotional, physical, and sexual.

Bipolar, PTSD, schizophrenia, and those determined to overcome addiction.

Alzheimer’s and Lewy’s Body Disorder, senile dementia.

Autism, mental retardation.

Blood pressure and blood sugar stabilization.

Pain relief.

Speedy healing following surgery.

Restored liver function.

Loving support to those making transition when it is time for them to  cross over.

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