It isn’t a matter of education, it’s all about consciousness!

Welcome!  As we begin the move into 2010, I’m wondering how many others besides me 🙂 have spent this year reexamining their activities, beliefs, emotions and thoughts in an effort to clean and clear their consciousness.  This is something like feng shui decluttering of physical space, except that it’s being accomplished at mental/emotional/spirit levels. And…decluttering your physical space is a perfect adjunct!  It enhances the entire process.

Stripping away everything extraneous, whatever is superfluous has to go!  A key word here is “simplify”.  Not that we are simple.  Quite the contrary.  But for me the process is a quest to uncover and lay bare the essence of who and what I truly AM.  What am I really?

I’ve had so much help getting here!  Unexpected events and loved ones catapulted me into this place where I comprehend that the anger/bitterness/depression/fear/sadness are not me, so I can finally just let them go.  Those are not who or what I AM.  Amazingly, I no longer find any feeling of rejection, nor is there still a need for approval.  It feels as if someone just cleaned all that out of me.  And I feel incredibly grateful.  Thank you!

With all this, the way of doing energy work changed completely.  For how many years did I “send” energy, love, healing?  But there is no reason to send, so I don’t send anything anymore.  The truth is, I AM ONE with everyone and everything in all creation/existence.  There is no distance and no time.  All that is necessary is that I bring to mind or briefly recall the oneness, and the receiver and I are merged at that instant, and since I AM LOVE, or I AM DIVINE LOVE, or I AM PURE JOY, the receiver is infused with that quality.  There is nothing to send.  I AM.

Another perfect development is my relationship with PEACE. I’ve been working on this for more than ten years.  More like 30, actually.  My grandmother, God bless her, trained me in the fine art of patience.  She required me to sit with crochet hook and thread until I could stitch as perfectly as she could.  I was only three.  Ditto for playing the piano and cooking.  Practice was required and the results had to be perfect.

So…when I received a Cosmic Primer in “peace” some years ago, I began to “get” how useful the conscious calling in of PEACE can be when we intend to manifest certain conditions in our world.  I’m speaking now of safety, abundance, supply, and weather to mention a few.  The ability to shift quickly into PEACE has saved my bacon more than once, especially during and after Hurricane Katrina, as well as during emergencies with family members and clients.

As I speak in my groups, it often seems important to mention that I’ve always been a passionate person, and NOW PEACE IS MY PASSION!  And it is incredibly fulfilling to introduce PEACE to anyone who has never experienced it before.

I’ve been told over and over by my guides that many of us are here to anchor the upgraded frequencies and maintain the highest vibrations ever brought into the Earth plane to this point. The upgrades won’t be ceasing anytime soon!  This is an exciting time to be alive and aware.  We all have important work to do.  One of the most important things we can do is to fully experience PURE JOY!

To that result, next week’s blog will continue with comments about gratitude and joy, as well as whatever the guides will be adding.  Until then, namaste!

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